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Mixed results with AMH - IVF with PGS starting soon!


We are nearly ready to start our first cycle of IVF. I have had 2 AMH blood tests done in the last 2 months with 2 very different readings. The first was 11 in November 2017 and then in January this year the clinic got a result of 5.5! How is this possible to drop by half in two months when all previous bloods have been OK levels. We now have to have our embryos PGS screened to check the chromosomes which means my embryos that read day 5 blastocyst stage will be frozen whilst we await results. Has anyone else had this happen, as this is all new information to us.

Becoming more worried and confused as the journey goes on......

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Hi Jade 1003,

This can happen but it’s always a shock. My AMH was low to start with (I only have 1 ovary) and it halved in 3 months. I cried for days and panicked about the cycle. The clinic did not seem as worried though. I had a long protocol IVF with high doses of stims and ended up with 8 eggs and 4 blastocysts! Please try not to let it worry you too much. It only takes one! X


Thanks for sharing! I had short pc with low amh & clinic suggested they’d try long if we go again so good to hear you had this response . Good luck for you too jade! xx


Thank you for your reply. I did the same a cried for days. Clinic said they are not too concerned either! x


I had my AMH measured by the hospital in the November, it was 4.7.

I had it redone at the clinic that was treating me 6 months later, it was 10.7.

Apparently (consultant at my clinic told me) it is so variable it can double or halve for no apparent reason, even from one day to the next. I guess they should do it several times and take an average to get a truer value but they're not really going to bother doing that.

It's ridiculous really when some people are turned down for treatment on the basis of this arbitrary number. In some areas I wouldn't have got funding based on my original test result of 4.7. Yet ICSI worked first time for me and I now have a wonderful little daughter.

Don't worry. Even 5.5 is not a bad result, and I bet the true result would be higher than that.

Also I'm not sure of anyone who has had blastocysts frozen while awaiting PGS results, but plenty of people have them frozen because of other reasons. Sometimes it can give your body more time to recover after the egg collection.

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Thank you for all of this advice and info. That's mad how it can change from day to day. All of my previous results were a lot higher although this test was done using a lancet and a small test tube done at home so maybe not the most accurate. That's lovely news that it worked first time for you and you have a beautiful little girl.

Thank you again x


We are having pgd which is due to my husband’s chromosome translocation. It’s similar to pgs in that they screen the embryos and have to freeze them whilst we wait for the results.

Why are you having pgs?


The consultant said because my AMH is so low, although i am not sure if this is really needed? x


Hope you don’t mind me saying but I would look further into this if I were you. The hfea have a write up about it on their site, basically it’s not a solution for low Amh and might lead to fewer live births. It makes the clinics more money though.


I agree with Lizzie - I can't see any reason for having pgs for low amh. It isn't even that low!

Screening for a genetic condition makes sense but it sounds like they are recommending things for the sake of it


I am waiting to have first round of IVF. My AMH is 1.7 and never suggested having PGS. Are they charging for it? If its free i guess its a good thing. I've heard giving your body/uterus the chance to rest after all those hormones gives it a better chance. On other hand my dic says my low amh means he would be hesitant to freeze as he diesnt expect me to have many eggs to begin with and if they dont survive to day 5 for freezing then they're wasted.


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