All 3 embryos abnormal with PGS 😔

Hi Everyone 

We just had another set back, all our embryos were abnormal when tested with PGS, we're going to have another go in May and test them again, then maybe it's time to move on to donor eggs? 

Has anyone had success after their first batch came back abnormal? 

And do you have any advice on how I can improve my eggs? 



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  • So sorry to hear this what is PGS?  the only thing I've heard that can help egg quality is protein good luck with your nxt step x

  • Thanks for the reply, yes I'd heard this too x

  • I am taking dhea as I have read that it can improve quality. This will be our last go using my eggs if it doesn't work we will be using DE xx

  • Thanks button, how many goes have you had? It will be tough to accept x

  • I have only had 1 go about to start next go soon. I have low amh so it's been suggested I use donor eggs but wanted to try 2 cycles with my own so I don't look back and wish I had. I think I have got my head around using DE now it's been hard but if that's my only way then I will grab it with both hands. Have a read up about dhea obviously I don't know if it will make a difference for us yet but I figure anything is worth a try to make our dream come true xxx

  • I'm with you on trying so you don't feel any regrets, and it is great that you've got your head round it, I will get there as it is amazing that it is possible. X 

  • Hi Maria-Louisa.  I just wanted to wish you well with your next round of IVF with PGD. At least you are giving yourselves a maximum chance of using your own eggs. The quality of your follicles and therefore eggs can possibly be improved as previously mentioned by adding extra protein and also zinc to your diet. Acupuncture and hypnotherapy also have been known to improve blood flow to the ovaries, which can only be good.  Thinking of you.  Diane

  • Thanks Diane, will take on those tips x

  • From what I believe I've heard that from the age of 35 the quality of our eggs start to drop.  I'm 44 and about to start the donor egg journey.  Have you read the book - 'It starts with the egg'?  Quite in depth but you might find it useful.  Good luck x

  • At least with donor eggs there's a much better chance of it working. Good luck xxx

  • Thank you - you too x

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