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2ww and spotting

Hello Ladies

I have been a member of this forum for a year now and have been reading your posts daily.

I currently have had my first cycle of short protocol ICSI and had my transfer ( a blastocyst) last Wednesday. I then got admitted to hospital with ? A pelvic infection and gave me IV antibiotics which they feel now was a bit hasty of them and sent me home with oral antibiotics as a precaution. Since I came home I have brown, pink and red spotting (since day 3 post transfer, I am now Day 5) I am really worried that as this has not been straight forward this is a sign that AF is arriving.

Has anyone else had these symptoms? Or at the same point as me?

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Hi Woodsey,

You poor thing, what a tough time. Firstly I hope you are feeling better after your infection?

Please don’t worry about the antibiotics many pregnant women need to take them with no issues.

I have read many many posts on this forum from women who have both spotted and bled during the 2ww but went onto BFP. I’m sure you will worry until your OTD though- it’s such a hard journey.

Try to relax and rest. Be kind to yourself over the next week xx


You poor thing, you have had an awful time of it. Such a terrible experience and in your first cycle. Hoping you have recovered from the infection. Just wanted to wish you luck xx


Hi! Sorry you've been going through a tough time. I wanted to share my positive story to give you some hope. Two days after I ovulated on my last cyclogest supported cycle I came down with awful food poisoning, couldn't keep anything in, passing blood, the whole hog, I was a complete mess. And a day after that started, I got the worst cold I've had in a while, aches, shakes, fever, etc. About 2 days later I also spotted. I had no hope for that cycle, and no symptoms that I thought were symptoms (it's funny looking back as I did have symptoms but sore boobs and nausea don't actually hit for most women until you're 6 weeks) but I got my bfp. I'm now 8 weeks. Still very early days and I worry with every cramp or change in symptoms, but the viability scan showed a heartbeat and good growth.

Our theory is that, other than the supporting cyclogest, the illness actually helped us. My body was too busy fighting off other infections to try to fight the foreign body of an embryo. So in a perfect and yucky storm, our little miracle happened. Apparently mild illness around implantation is a sign your immune system is attacking the embryo. How this relates to the more serious problem of NK cells I wouldn't like to guess. But I'm basically saying don't lose hope. It could all turn out perfectly well and, like me, you could be so thankful for this little period of illness. Good luck xx


Thank you for the messages ladies and your kind words. I feel I am over the infection- I feel so much better. Just all other the other things now. My OH is really feeling it at the Moment too.

I am trying to stay positive- I have been signed off work for 2 weeks so just trying to do things little and often. Xxx


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