Symptom spotting during the 2ww

Hello everyone, so I'm now 6dp3dt. I've been more relaxed this 2ww than last time but I still cant seem to stop trying to find meaning in every twinge and especially when I don't feel anything for a while! I've been getting little period type twinges which I'm hoping is a good sign. I started with agonising back pain 2 days ago but I think that's just a recurring back issue, not helped by my loafing on the sofa, rather than anything pregnancy related. Anyone else on the 2WW going quietly mad too?! Xxx

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  • Hi CheshireKit. Often all these odd twinges and spotting that occurs during the 2WW are just so common and hopefully nothing to worry about. Keep resting when you can and drink plenty of water. Careful with that back and let's hope your 2 embies are settling in nicely. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Many thanks Diane 😊 I haven't had any implantation bleeding which is worrying me, especially as I didn't have any during my first round and it didn't work out. Does implantation bleeding always occur? Xx

  • Hi CheshireKit. Just read your reply. Only here Monday, Wednesday & Friday. The answer is "no" you don't always get an implantation bleed. Likewise not having one doesn't mean it's not worked. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Many thanks Diane xxx

  • I'm going a bit crazy too! You'd think I'd be used to it on my 4th go! Definitely getting cramps and twinges too but trying to convince myself they are happening more than before just to have some sign things are different this time. I have seen lots of bfp's without implantation bleeding - think I read somewhere that only 30% of people have implantation bleeding. But I know what you mean and have been looking for signs of this too! We're half way there though! When is your test date? Xx

  • I know how you feel cheshirekit. Im nearly at the end of my 2ww and have been really calm and relaxed through it all until today. I had some cramps like period pain mon night then they went by tues morning but this afternoon they came back and it would be 4 days before af is due which is what is worrying me. Every failure we have had i had period pains with no spotting etc which is making me concerned this time. Trying to keep positive but its hard now just not knowing xx

  • Oh bless you Sam101 I know what you mean, it's like a slow form of torture not knowing. Try to keep strong and hold on to positive thoughts, you're nearly there Thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck for a BFP xxx

  • Thank you. I appreciate it. Trying to get my positive head back on xx

  • Hiya cheshirekit how you doing? Xx

  • im doing ok ta Sam101 although slowly driving myself mad with this wait! I'm counting down the days now and getting nervous for test day 😳 How are you feeling? Xx

  • I was ok but having cramping the last 2 days so getting worried something bad is hapening. Dont have the energy to do anything and just feel the need to rest. Its really concerning me now, i cant have a bfn as our last result, i wont cope well with it 😒. Trying to remain positive but finding harder the longer the cramps last xx

  • I've had cramping on and off too since yesterday and have been worrying this is the end for us. This is our last chance to have a baby of our own so I know exactly what you mean about how on earth we'll cope if it's a bfn. I'm not mentally prepared for this to be the end but it ain't over til the test says so, so I've literally been having a positive chat with myself that the cramps could just be the embies growing and getting settled. Anyone listening would think I'm a fruit loop! I may well be deluding myself but it's all I can do to cope at the moment. Try to stay strong for just a little longer. When's ur test date? πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€xx

  • I know what you mean as its our last chance to which piles on far more pressure i think. After today i do feel better and i have been doing the same as you so dont worry i will look like a fruit loop to. My test date is next fri, when is yours? Got to keep as positive as possible like you say until the test tells us . Fingers crossed we all get the bfp we all deserve xx

  • My test date is Wednesday Yikes! πŸ˜³πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Wont be long. It will be here before you know it. Good luck πŸ€πŸ€ xx

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