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Spotting again in 2WW 😢


Can’t believe this is happening again -and today too. Am 8 days post x2 5 day embryo frozen transfer - I never made it to OTD in my previous round and it looks like it’s heading that way again. Spotting then turned into AF. This feels so cruel and unfair.

Not really sure why am posting - just so heartbroken and not really sure what to do now.


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I am really sorry to read this. It could be implantation bleeding? Really hope you get a positive outcome. Big hugs xx

Thanks lovely. This is all just so hard xx Pleased to read your news - wishing you and jelly bean all the best xx

You’re not out yet! I know you’re scared but it could just as easily be a good sign 🤞🏻🤞🏻 xx

Thanks love x

Please don't worry - I had spotting at 8/9 days and a bleed at 11 days on OTD and still a BFP! It can be implantation- bleeding or even vaginal bleeding

However previous two cycles I bled early - and now that I'm on higher pessaries it has Def improved massively

What dose of pessaries are you on? You can take an extra one if you wish to just give yourself a bit of extra support XX

Lots of us take much higher levels but whatever you're comfortable with x

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Thank you. I am on cyclogest 400mg twice a day. How many do you take and do you just have one in the middle of the day? I raised this with my clinic last time I had a bleed on my first attempt and the doc said it won’t make a difference to a bleed? Thank you for replying on Xmas day xx

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Pfft. I don't believe that for a minute @wont make a difference

It won't make a difference if it's implantation- bleeding or from another source but it will make a difference if it's the endometrium lining breaking down

A lot of us who spot and bleed regularly do need extra progesterone

I was on 2 or 3x400mg cyclogest last cycle

This cycle I'm.on 2 X 400mg cyclogest and one evening lubion progesterone injection.

The tiny dark brown bleeding was happening from.implantsitkn but the light red bleed happened after we 'did the deed' 🙊 so I think it was just vaginal/cervix irritation or something

Do make sure you take them similar times every day and also try and get some bedrest if you can. I found that worked well to stem the bleeding and cramping

Also are you taking them vaginally? That can cause irritation sometimes too and bleeding

Try taking them rectally instead - it's less messy and absorbs just as well - possibly even better. Again most of us do

Hope all is well xx

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Thanks lovely. I have some extra from the previous round so think I might take another today and see if that helps. At this rate there really is sod all else I can do. Thanks again sweets xx

So sorry you are going through this, hope it settles down and ends up with good news.

I just wanted to say my clinic said 400mg cyclogest twice a day was ‘more than you need’. I asked the same question as on my first cycle I started AF on day 9 after 2det and asked if I should have upped it and my consultant said no - it just meant that the pregnancy had not advanced and so all my other hormone levels had dropped (lots more going on than just progesterone) so that on its own (cyclogest) wasn’t enough to keep AF away

Really hope it’s something like implantation for you 🤞🏻Xx

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Yep just to add to my previous comment- as I said if it is bleeding due to other reasons then you won't be able to stop it.

But if it's bleeding due to not enough progesterone then more progesterone will stop it... As I and many other ladies have found

Also just because you are on the right dose doesn't mean your body is fully absorbing it

Some of us need injections instead of pessaries

My point was simply it doesn't hurt to up it if that is the case as it does no harm and is the safest intervention even according to HFEA advice

But everyone has to do what they are comfortable with

I for one wish I had someone tell me it rather than have to find out on my own after failed cycles. I was told the same thing - I WILL not bleed on 2 cyclogest 🤣

Funnily enough the next consultant agreed with me straight away and even suggested the extra support himself

There's so much variation between protocols and advice out there that it's anyones guess (!)

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Hi Saya thank you. I’ve read loads that seem to agree with you and added another pessary yesterday - it seems I have nothing to lose by doing so. It has eased off a bit - but I think that’s how it started last time, small spotting to then a full flow. I don’t pray all that often - but that’s really all I have left now.

I remember asking the doc about the injections progesterone, and she said it was ‘awful’ and would only recommend it if I really needed it. I probably should have insisted. Thanks again xx

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I'm glad it's eased off a bit and pray you get your good news xxxxx

It's so hard and there's so much that's not understood and so much left to chance ! That's probably the hardest bit not being able to control it all

The injections do sting a little and they are expensive in comparison but again it's up to you what you are comfortable with. Don't worry at this stage xx

Also just for future- are you on oestrogen as well as progesterone ? Often that is also thought to aid post transfer (and of course one of the reasons why some women need higher progesterone is because they're on added oestrogen too as I am)- I think if you're in late 30s or above or have any hormonal issue like Pcos or thyroid problems then oestrogen is normally advisable

If you ovulate normally and have regulAr cycles usually then the need for extra progesterone and oestrogen is usually less.of an issue as your body normally produces it.

I pray it was nothing but implantation bleeding as I had in this cycle

Good luck to you- everything crossed for you (!) Xxx

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Thanks lovely. I am on progynova too, 37 and take 25mg thyroxine as thyroid was 2.5 so wanted to reduce it slightly.

It’s annoying because we don’t get NHS treatment as my area doesn’t offer any - so paying privately you’d think they would be a bit better at telling you stuff. It does sometimes feel like it’s a one size fits all approach - its nurse led care, only saw the docs at the start and transfer and then leave you to it really. I dunno. I am tired cranky and super emotional today - am just desperate for all this be ok. Thanks again xxx

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Gosh sounds exactly like me

And yes you would think care would be better when paying but not so.

I really hate the one size fits all.approach - you would think they would know better by now. On one hand there can be so many different reasons why people have fertility problems - on the other hand there are recurring issues that people often face so why can't they join up the dots if we can?

Really it depends how much you understand your own condition - have to be our own advocates.

They always wait until.youve failed 2/3 times before thinking outside the box!

I hated progynova on my first cycle - other two I used evorel patches you stick on your skin (like hrt) and I feel better on it- less nauseous and not nearly as tired. Also havijg progetsserone injections as well as pessaries to increase dose and better absorption.

I think you were right to start thyroxine as often through IVF our TSH rises (mine did by over 3 last time!) Often thyroid problems can be autoimmune - so do ask your GP to check for thyroid antibodies (TPO and tgAB) as if it is - you may respond to steroids in future cycles.

Blood thinners often help too.

Can completely understand you feeling tired and cranky. It's emotionally and physically exhausting

Hope all your fears are unfounded!

But if not please take as much time as you need to heal and start again - there is light at the end of the tunnel. If my crap body can do it I'm sure many others can (!)

Thinking of you xx

Thank you Daisy. It seems to have eased off a bit - and my heart is full of hope but I need to try and be realistic at the same time. It just feels so cruel. Hope you’re ok and thanks for replying it means a lot xx

Fingers crossed that it is implantation and would ease off soon. I spotted from days 8 - 12 right when my period was meant to start. I freaked out but it ended up being implantation spotting. As long as it is not heavy, you still have a good chance.

Thanks lovely, I hope so. I’ve no idea what’s going on - just hope and pray your right xx hope you’re ok and thank you for support xx

So sorry to hear dat but we all feel ur pain jus try to not to beat urself up about it. I kno it's easier said than done but time heals all wounds. Just try to do things that makes ur happy to take ur mind off it. Life can be so bitter and I kno ur day will cum soon to have ur precious lil on in ur arms. Sending you lots of pray and warm hugs. 💕💕💕💕💕

Sorry to read this Barbara, especially as this will have been Xmas day. But as the others have said still have hope its common for lots to spot and bleed. Fingers crossed tightly for you xx

Please don't give up hope just yet.... j started spotting and bled all the way to 14wks I'm now 27wks and fingers crossed all is going well..... keeping my fingers crossed for your miracle xx

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Thank you xx

Hi Barbara, I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve been bleeding heavily since the 23rd and my test was due to be today. It’s so so tough. There are families everywhere at Christmas. Best wishes to you xx

I am sorry love, it’s just all so cruel. I if am out and am not sure I can do any of this again xx hope you start to feel better soon, please take care xxx

You too, best wishes

So sorry to hear this. As some of the others have said, keeping my fingers crossed for you that it’s implantation bleeding xx

Please don’t think you are out yet! I also had spotting during 2ww and still got a BFP! In fact I still get some now, caused by the irritation of the pessaries.

Good luck x

Thank you. Trying so hard to stay positive. OTD is not until Sunday and way too scared to POAS so I just need to wait it out and hope for the best. Hope you’re ok xx

You are doing the right thing waiting till OTD. You want to be sure of the result. Good luck x

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