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My husband and I have been trying for a baby for just over 2 years, after numerous tests all coming back fine we were referred to IVF Wales and had our initial consultation today, to say it was overwhelming was an understatement we were told that our best option having looked at the results would be ICSI, I have to go back to have a scan and bloods taken in 2 weeks time, there is no waiting list currently so the consultant has said it'll be within 3 months we'll be receiving treatment, this is all very quick and we didn't even expect to be told it would be IVF/ICSI treatment straight away! I ovulate with no concerns and husbands sperm count is just under average count, it feels like they are rushing us through because there are no current waiting lists. Is everyone's first consultation like this?

Thanks Em

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  • Yes if there are no waiting lists and no underlying tests then they'll get you started asap. Try not panic. They know what they are doing and will look after you.

    Best of luck in it all xxx

  • Thanks, its been a bit overwhelming, not sure we were expecting them to say start treatment as soon as 3 months, we'd set ourselves up for a longer wait!

  • We had our first official meeting in September. I could've started October but she wanted to do a baseline scan first so started start of November.

    It is totally overwhelming so ask lots of questions. It's your body and you will go through a lot but try remain positive each step of the way xxx

  • Its been a rollercoaster ride up to now, I have tried not to have any expectations up to now, as its been a long journey with GP's not being interested and fighting to even have a referral, now it seems like its on fast forward! Good luck with your treatment too!

  • Good on you for pushing it.

    Thankyou. Looking to April for 2nd and last NHS cycle. Here's hoping we both get BFP x

  • Hi E_R12. Oh dear, I can fully understand how overwhelming this must be for you both, with everything happening so fast! Try not to worry as they will look. After you, plus you will find loads of support here. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, we've woken up feeling very excited at the thought of this next journey, quite scared but we're ready to move forward and are looking at it as an excellent opportunity, we've decided to journal the whole process to help us stay relaxed and in control.

  • Hi E_R! Wow you are really luck not to have a waiting list, we waited approx 9 months to start treatment! Try to take it all step by step, take in the information in small chunks to get you through each step. I'm sure you will be amazing, wishing you lots of luck x x x

  • I know we've had time to think today and feel extremely lucky that there's no waiting list! The information given yesterday was too much but by starting to journal this whole journey hopefully it'll break it down into chunks for us! Good luck with your journey too!

  • Great news! Keep my fingers crossed and wish you all the best x

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