Ivf journey - advice?

Hi ladies been reading lots of stories today, warmed by the positive stories and sympathetic of the others, I understand the pain!

We have our first fertility clinic appt on 12th July. We have already had lots of tests-SA, day 21 bloods,HyCosy with follicle count & ultrasound. All normal results so far, just awaiting AMH result. Been Tfc 18 cycles. I've been told 1st appt will be followed by some blood tests & swabs & paperwork then another hour long appointment before we can start treatment on cycle day 1 of the next period to follow . What I'm wondering is how long all that part will take so I can predict when to book holidays from work. Don't think I can handle the stress of both & no idea how I'd be able to get away from work for so many appointments. Any advice appreciated?! Thanks xxxx

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  • It all depends on any waiting list at your clinic. I had my first ivf appointment early May and am about to start injections next Thursday so if no waiting list then quite quick. You need three scans in the 13 days of injections and then egg collection followed by egg transfer 3-5 days after. As a guide my first scan and injections are on Thursday and egg collection should be 4th July. You need a couple of days off for that as you're sedated. My scans are first thing in a morning so don't interfere with work too much x

  • I was also very lucky as the second hour long appointment when I took all my forms back in (there are loads!) I was only on day three of my cycle so they let me start on that once rather than waiting to the next cycle x

  • Brilliant thanks so much for the info. Wow so you are going through it now, I take it that's drugs that started on day 3? Then injections next? Good luck for Thursday and keep me posted on how it is going! Xx

  • I'm on short protocol so injections start on day 3 for about 13 days depending on how I respond. And thanks everything is crossed πŸ˜€ x

  • Hope your scan & appointment went well today x

  • Morning. It's been postponed until tomorrow (Friday) due to late arrival of af x

  • In both protocols (long and short) you start injections on day 3. However with the long protocol they put you on tablets first on roughly day 21 of your cycle so they can control your cycle. Either way it's either 2 weeks or 6 approximately with scans and blood tests scattered inbetween. Good luck! X

  • Hi,

    I'm in Edinburgh and just wondering which clinic you are using? Hope you don't mind me asking but are you going Nhs or private? We have just been referred so still trying to get my head around all the information but I've set myself up for it being a very very long time before things start moving. Yours seems to be going quite quickly which is good to hear, keeps me positive 😊.

    Sending you lots of luck πŸ’• Xxx

  • Thanks for the info Lorraine you sound like you know the ropes have you been through it already? Hope for good news for you x

  • Hi Bsarta! We are using glasgow royal fertility clinic but privately funded. I think if you go for the fully privatised places it's faster (their sites say <2 months) but a few reasons we chose not to: they are quite a bit more expensive, we couldn't see much difference in success rates and they like you to do all the tests again (and pay for them) which just seems silly when they could just use previous Nhs results as most tests we've already had. Not sure how long things take after referral but I would say until now everything has been quicker than anticipated /suggested and once an appointment does come through things seem to happen fast. What's your situation? Good luck! I am hoping that any waiting time (albeit so hard) gives that wee possiblity something might happen naturally! But otherwise great to know we are professing with this backup plan I think I will be more than ready when the time comes, as we all are at this stage! xx

  • Hi,

    Sorry just seen her reply to this.

    We had been trying 18 months, both well and healthy, lost extra weight when it was taking that bit longer, not big drinkers and neither of us smoke so when we went to our doctors for initially tests we naively thought it would just be a case of reassurance everything was fine. Turns out partner has really low sperm motility, and dr has said we will need ivf/icsi to conceive. I was gobsmacked at first to be honest, but feel relieved that we have the answers and positive that there is a solution for us. I'm 25 so going for the NHS cycles, and worse case scenario we have the time on our side to try privately if need be. I go from feeling devastated one day, to being so so positive the next. Trying to focus on the success stories and so far the fact that we are in a good position just needing that extra help has helped me keep positive. I've set myself up that worst case I would have began treatment by December 2018, so in my head I'm doing a lot of visualisation about spending that xmas with a lovely big bump 😊 how about your situation? Wishing u lots of luck on your journey and hope it's a speedy positive one πŸ’• Xxx

  • Thanks for sharing your story. Good thing is they have pinpointed the reason. My friend in same circumstances got icsi & has one baby and another way through FET - both first time lucky for them! I am 33 and am very fortunate to have a 3 year old (conceived with no issues) but we have been trying for another for 18 months with no success. All tests have come back normal but something must be up. I have been reading a lot about secondary infertility and it's just as common as primary. which surprised me. The only thing that's changed is my age & that i had an ovarian cyst removed (was just an isolated one off cyst apparently). know I am so fortunate to have one it definitely makes it easier but finding this trying and what feels like failing soo hard to take every month. Feel like there are families, pregnant people and sibling children everywhere I look! Hopefully that will be us soon, just keep focussing on that Christmas 2018 lovely baby bump. Good luck xxx

  • I had my treatment at Glasgow last year had my 1st appointment end of September and started treatment 28th October on day 21 of my cycle but can depend if they can fit you in .I think once you have that first appointment they give u an appointment to return in 2 weeks with your concent forms etc and will tell you what protocol you will be on xx

  • Oh great that is very helpful Shazza. Great to hear of someone who has been to the Royal How did you find it? Did you need to get compulsory blood tests during those 2 weeks? Our 1st appointment is 12th July & my period is probably going to be due around 24th so I imagine 2nd appointment will be too late for July cycle & I might need to wait til Aug for treatment if it starts on day 3. Do you mind me asking how you got on with it? Are you still trying? Thanks X

  • Hi yeh think we got all our blood screening done on the 2nd appointment. I was on long protocol on the 28th of October I got a prostap injection which was on day 21 on my cycle then went back around 2 weeks later got a scan they discovered I had a cyst on my ovarie so that delayed me starting my stimms injections for around a week until they made sure it didn't get bigger I was on bemfola injections for just under 2 weeks went in a couple of times to check follicles had my trigger shot Sunday 4th December then egg collection on the 6th 8 eggs collected 6 fertilised 3 made it to day 5 had one embryo transferred 2 frozen and I'm 30 weeks pregnant with a baby girl so was really lucky 1st time.when u go to that 1st appointment it will all happen really fast xxx

  • Congratulations to you that's amazing & sounds like a bumpy ride must have been so worrying with all that going on during it! Oh so not long for you it will be amazing! I have a wee girl 3yo who is the light of my life. It's just this second time round I am having trouble but so comforting to have her even if I can never give her a sibling . Glad the Royal was a success for you, I am pinning a lot of hopes on it think the dream would be to get more than one viable as FET sounds a bit less stressful than another round of IVF.., but I need to think positive that it will work first time! Good luck with the next 10 weeks before life is turned upside down and never the same again (in a fantastic way) Xxx

  • Thank you I can't wait now πŸ˜ƒ aww that's lovely u have a little girl this may be my only 1 we had been trying for almost 4 years I'm 33 oh half is 41 and we have unexplained infertility which was frustrating after all the tests etc but reading on here it's alot more common than we think but I'm so grateful to where we are now. Good luck with everything when it all starts xx

  • Hi Shazza, Congrats on your amazing news! Hope everything is going well. I saw your post and it made my day and gave me hope. I too am on long protocol and they gave me prostap which gave me a cyst. I then was told i had to wait until my next period which only came 2 months after and then they messed up my appointment so I have to wait until my next period. Meanwhile I'm going crazy thinking its ruined my chances because its such a powerful drug and my hair's falling out. I'm hoping it will be out my system soon, it should be after 4 months! I was just wondering are you still feeling any effects of the prostap or are you back to normal? If anyone else has any other success stories while on prostap that'd be great too. I'm a newbie by the way, Thanks xxx

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