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Hi all

I have pcos and been on metformin to try and conceive. This week I had an internal scan around the time they expected ovulation. There was no evidence of ovulation but they could only see one of my ovaries. I now have to have a blood test a week before my period for progesterone levels. Will this show if I’ve ovulated?

I’m due to start clomid but it seems like it’s unclear if I’m ovulating or not. How long have you been checked for ovulation and what tests have you had?

My other concern is they haven’t checked if my tubes are blocked or will this have shown on the ultrasound?


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Hi Ruby26, I'm on metformin and clomid. The blood test will definitely show if you've already ovulated - though if it's negative, don't be too down - the first time I was tested it came out negative but I ovulated late. The progesterone test is normally done around day 21.

I'd push to get your tubes checked - they can't check from the internal scan.

Good luck - and if you're not ovulating hopefully clomid can help combined with the metformin xx


Do a hsg Test to check whether your tubes are blocked.


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