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Tested positive for lupus anticoagulant

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2018 brings a lot of good news!

After 2 very early miscarriages last year and a suspected miscarriage back in 2007 my infertility clinic done some blood tests on me and the results have just come through the door. Ive tested positive for lupus anticoagulant and I have no idea what this means. All the letter says is that Ive to be re-tested towards the end of February.

I feel like someone just kicked me in the stomach. I've been counting down the days until we get to start our 3rd attempt at IUI after my last miscarriage in November and now we've hit another delay and potential problem.

Maybe I should see the result as a positive thing? If this has been the problem maybe it can be fixed? Or is it something that is going to lower our chances of having a baby even more?

I burst into tears when I seen the result but dont know if Im over reacting.

If anyone has any knowledge that they can share with me it'd be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Hope you ok , try keep positive xxx


Thanks. Hope things are going well for you. xx


Hiya. I also received a 're test for this...after doing alot of research and demanding a follow up appointment (as they had discharged me) I found our that this is almost certainly not positive....rather an issue with the machinery used in the lab. Did it say low DVRRT? If so and all the other tests are normal you probably don't have the lupus antigogulant. Also just to note that this nearly means your blood may clot slightly slower/faster not associated to lupus the condition and you should be able to have a blood thinner prescribed if required although my clinic have strongly advised against this as all other results are 'normal.

Good luck...mi Hope you receive some clarity soon xx


Hi. Thanks for your reply. All the letter says is that Ive tested positive for lupus anticoagulant and that the test will be re-done at the end of Feb (12 weeks after first test) and that my IUI will be on hokd until they have the results. It says that if the result is positive again I would potentially need treatment with some medications to try and help sustain a pregnancy. Ive arranged a follow up appointment for Monday so will know more then. xx


You're welcome. Sounds different to mine then. I just received my 're test results which are within normal range. They always have to re-test this apparently as a lot can contribute to a high or low reading the first time including recent trauma. I really hope you get answers soon and a course of action of required. Wishing you lots of luck xx


Thank you. I wish you luck too. xx


I’ve only just seen your post after you have commented on mine. I’ll be following you all the way and hoping for us both xx

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