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Egg Sharing

Hi all,

First time writing on this and feel a little nervous! This network has been incredibly helpful through mine and my partners 2 and a half year infertility. We had our first consultation with private fertility clinic. We want to egg share for 2 reasons: I would desperately want someone to donate to me if I couldn’t produce my own eggs and IVF is so expensive. Had my AMH blood test and waiting for results. Has anyone else done egg sharing and could tell me the sort of time lines involved and any of their own experiences. Thanks in advance for any help and support! Baby dust to anyone ttc!

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Hi I 've done it twice hun got preg twice!! Just in my early stages of my second and the first lady I donated too had a little girl I don't obv know about this one yet!!! It has between 3/4 months both times for me so not long really good luck hun it's such a wonderful thing I love wat we have done xx


Thank you so much for that! That’s brilliant news! Best of luck to you with this pregnancy and I’m sure it will be fine! Did you ask to find out about the donation and if it was successful? I hope my AMH comes back ok so we can get started. Did you have to have the chromosome testing? How long did it take for your bloods to get back? Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me. xx


Yeah they ask u at the time of signing everything u don't get to know if any fertilize or anything like that u just wait till the very end to see if they have a life birth and if so way it was!!! It will all go so fast!! Thank u I have a scan on the 1yth my 7 week scan so nervous!! Xx


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