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Late period. Any advice?

I hope you are well and someone can help. I had my eggs collection back in November and then had ICSI. The 1 embryo is now frozen and ready to be implanted. I had a period 2 weeks after. But nothing in December, which was due on 14th December. I finally convinced myself that I should take a pregnancy test on 31st December and it was negative. What should I do next??? X

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Hi, I am in a similar position, I had a failed icsi in November and had period the day of BFN and have not yet had a period since.

I have left a message with the clinic today to check this is normal, I will let you know what they say. I'm waiting for period so can do natural FET

I'm not surprised with all the drugs from last time that my body is taking time to get back to normal but i can't help but want to speed things up and stop waiting



Ya I was going to wait until 14th Jan before contacting my gp. Please let me know if your clinic says anything useful x



Same for me as well

Failed ISCI in November, I had my period 4 days before test date and no period since and am now 14 days late. I haven't done a pregnancy test as like KB11 says the drugs will have had a huge effect on my body. As soon as I have my period I can start my frozen cycle so I understand how frustrating it is waiting


Glad I'm not going crazy then. I guess all we can do is wait. Finger cross to us all


Just spoke to my clinic, she said to do a pregnancy test to be sure which I already did.

It is normal for some people to take a while to get back to normal and I have sometimes had erratic cycles due to stress but if my period has still not arrived at the 8 week point (since last bleed) and another test is negative at that point then I'm advised to get back in touch and they might do a scan just to check what is happening. They didn't sound concerned though

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That's really useful. I guess it's just a waiting game for us all x


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