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When to expect a period after a mmc


Dear all I found out my baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks on my 12 week scan I mc on the 30th December and bleed on and off for 10 days after. I know that it can take around 4 to 6 weeks or longer for period to start but should I count from the 30th December when I know I passed the mc or from the 10 days after the bleeding had stopped? Feel like I'm driving myself mad with not knowing when to expect my next period so any advice would be great xxx

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Hi nmill. So sorry you have had to go through all of this - it's never easy. I would have thought that you should start your period any day now. It can't always be easily worked out, and can take up to 3 cycles to get back to what is normal for you. Good luck and hope all soon sorts itself out. Diane

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Thanks Diane think I need to give it another week or so before I see the doctor again xx

So sorry to hear this, I had a mc last year at 10wks - I lost a lot of blood with all sorts of complications - but my next period returned at its normal time.. but it can vary a lot from person to person, I've been told. Did you go to the EPAU during your MC? Please check with them if you're worried, mine was great and a damn sight better than my clinic or GP.. lots of encouraging thoughts your way xoxo

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Sorry to hear you went through the same thing with complications, yes went to the EPAU when my mmc was first diagnosed I just hope that things are working normally and I don't have to wait much longer for things to go back to normal xx

Hi nill. So sorry to hear you are going through this, it is so heartbreaking. I have had surgical management after both my miscarriages. First one was 5 weeks after the surgery. Second one is now 13 weeks ago and still no period so am on meds to help. If you haven't had a period 6 weeks after miscarriage then I would call your clinic to discuss. Xx

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Sorry to hear youve been though this twice it's just the saddest experience, I hope you manage to start your cycle again soon it must be so frustrating. I'm giving myself two more weeks then ill see the doctor again if nothings happening xxx

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