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Anyone experienced this?

Hi Everyone 😊. So last month I had my first fresh cycle of failed IVF, I got my period even before the testing date. This month my period was due to arrive on the 16th and I am always very regular. It still has not arrived and I did a preg test and its negative. I presume my body is just completely out of whack? Is this normal after a round of IVF?

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It’s fairly usual yes, your body will have been a bit confused by all the extra hormones. You should get back to normal Within a couple of cycles x


So sorry to hear this.

Try not to worry about your period. It’s normal for things to take a few weeks to settle back to normal after all the hormones you’ve taken.

Take care x


Yeah sounds quite normal to be, it can take a couple of cycles for your body to settle back down again x


Hi JCJM. It can take up to 2 months to get back to what’s normal for you. Diane


Thank you so much for all your replies. Feeling a bit more relaxed about it now. It seems just as its time for my body to go back to normal then I start my next round of IVF 🙈.

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I think it’s one of the reasons that a lot of clinics make you have a break of two/three cycles between rounds to be honest- to get your hormones back down to “normal” before messing with them again!


Yeah, I had IVF in November and have my next fresh round again in January. Still wondering if its enough time for my body but my dr seems to think its fine.


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