1st timer... starting this month!


So we are awaiting my period to start treatment this month. 1st time. I'm 23, lost an ovary and tube at 19 and have PCOS and endometriosis.

1st try at ivf which we decided to go straight to instead of IUI.

I'm nervous and awaiting period to start treatment.. due on tomorrow.

We haven't told anyone about the dates we start.. I don't want to put pressure on it.

I have read page after page about tips!

Any tips on what to do?

I'm so nervous and just want this to work!

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  • Ah bless u Hun, wishing u all the best!! Xxx

  • Easier said than done but try to keep stress levels down and stay positive. Be prepared for plans to change along the way which can be disappointing but usually happen for a reason to help the cycle. And use this forum as much as possible, there's so much support and advice on here if you need it!

    I had 2 cycles of IVF (2nd time was ICSI) with PCOS. The first sadly wasn't meant to be but we are so lucky that the 2nd worked and I am now 39weeks pregnant and due to be induced on Monday!! I used to love reading positive stories on here, which is why I'm sharing. Keep the faith and best of luck to you lovely xxx πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi I also had a fsiled first IVF and have pcos and been advised Icsi next time around. What else did you do differently on your second cycle in terms of medication and what was your drug regime. Trying to do as much research as possible before we start our second round in early summer x

  • I had Gonal F and cetrotide injections and took metformin too. I went on a strict fertility diet (see zita west) and took zita west vitamins and DHA and a higher dose of folic acid as my bmi was above 25. Drank full fat milk and ate a lot of eggs for protein and cut out any "low fat" or "tampered with" foods. Zita west has a recipe for fertility granola too. I had acupuncture leading up to the cycle and then focused around EC and ET and the 2ww. I took the 2ww off work and spent a couple of hours a day lying on my left side and made sure to walk everyday and try to limit stress. I can't say what worked and what didn't but it's worth a try! Best of luck everyone xxxx

  • Thank you we're the folic acid tablets zita west ones also? Where did you have the IVF in on the U.K.

  • I use the seven seas trying to get pregnant folic acid, I've started looking at ivf diets bit late but thought worth a go x

  • Never too late to change your diet hun... it's always going to do some benefit xx

  • No folic acid is just a higher dose prescribed via the GP. I had IVF/ICSI in the UK yes x

  • Thanks I have been looking At ivf diets, but Kate but haven't started treatment yet, I eat a lot of chicken breast and eggs anyways so that's good. Thanks x

  • Thankyou! I am so pleased I found this forum, and yes the positive stories are the best ones!

    I am so pleased for you, best of luck with the birth! And do let's us know how you get on!

    thanks so much for your time!

  • Good luck with everything.

    Try not to stress and just take each step as it comes. Try not to focus on the end result, just take each appointment, scan, injection as it comes.

    This forum is a great place to speak to like minded people and also get great advice. Xx

  • Hi Girl! You're in the right place for tips, the women on here are so amazing and helpful! The best tip I could give you (which is sooooo super hard your first cycle), get used to waiting and don't look too far ahead. Try to live in the moment. My last cycle, everything was about the treatment. The jabs, the results etc etc I feel like I wasn't in a constant state of waiting and panic. This time I've realised that I put too much pressure on myself. I can only do so much and my body has to do the rest without all the extra pressure from me. So this time I've been calmer and not made treatment the centre of my universe. If you take good care of yourself and follow the advice from your clinic then you're giving yourself the best chance possible. That's all we can do. The rest is out of our control (something I struggled to accept first time round!!!).

    Good luck with everything and keep in touch! x x x

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