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Bleeding on down regulation?

Hi everyone, this is my first time writing...hope someone might be able to reassure me...I'm on day 4 of my down-regulation with Buserilin, and have been feeling completely crappy: massive headache (I never get headaches), exhausted and now I've started bleeding, feels like a really heavy period and cramps. I didn't expect this and now I am a bit worried - is this normal? xx

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I had a really bad long heavy period on buserlin. I was still bleeding when i started stims.

It's a good sign that you are getting rid of the lining.

Headaches are a side effect of the drug unfortunately. Hang in there x


Drink lots of water, that was the good advice given to me by kind ladies on here!! That and paracetamol!! Good luck xx


Hi, poor thing. This is awful. I don't know if that helps but you are not alone... I have experienced the same symptoms after each ivf. The headaches will disappear once you start stimulation. Have you taken any paracetamol? Drink plenty of water. If you are too much in pain, I think you should contact your clinic and see if they can give you something or change your protocol? Take care. Best of luck x


You poor thing, I too felt rotten with terrible headaches when using that for down reg. I used to come home and sleep for hours, was so exhausted. I found drinking lots and lots of water helped a bit and I drank things like peppermint tea too as I was off the caffeine. I didn’t have any bleeding. Perhaps you could give the nurses at your clinic a call tomorrow to see if they can give you some advice with regards to that. When are you starting stimulation phase? Headaches should lift then xx


Unfortunately yes it’s normal. Drink lots of water and try to get as much rest/sleep as possible. A bath might help with the headache. You’re also ok to take paracetamol.

When I’m on buserelin the down reg bleed lasts 7 days when my normal period only lasts 3.


Yep, unfortunately normal!😕 once you start on stims you should feel a bit better. If the headaches are bad try cocodimol & running your head under a hot shower or lying in a hot bath!!xx


Thank you so much everyone! All your comments are so supportive and reassuring, its so lovely having this forum :) Until now I keep forgetting I have signed up to it (hence my very late response, whoops!) but I shall be checking in for regular reassurance and supportive words from now on! Have my day 1 scan tomorrow, so hoping the lining is thin and everything is as it should be so I can start stimulation drugs tomorrow evening. I'm so excited for it to actually be starting now! Wishing you all the very best with your baby journeys, and hope Christmas was a nice relaxing time for you all xx

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