Third down regulation scan!!!

Hi ladies!

Wow what a week its been since last week! Had my third down regulation scan today and my cyst has gone down! Whoop whoop! And my lining is now 3!! I had bloods taken and iff all comes back ok I can start stimming today. If my levels are high then I need my cyst drained on Monday morning! Aghhh but then I can start stimming on Mondayy. All I can say is I truly believe in taking one day at a time. So much can change so quicklyy. This time last week I was told I may have a cancer cell and now I am ready to stim! I will receive a call later today to tell me what to do. Have a great weekend xxxxx

P.s I should add k googled the internet for natural remedies to get rid cyst and I have been having 1 tablespoon of black star molasses and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water (8oz) I have been drinking this daily.

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  • Wow great news!! This is brilliant :-)

    I start down regs on Saturday eve. Then period due following weekend. Will see how it goes but won't be too far behind you now, hopefully xxx

  • Hey Anna! The clinic called and I don't need the cyst drained so I can start stimming tonight! Got another scan booked in for next Friday. The hospital have been fantasticc, so you will be in great hands. Good luck with your down regulation ::) xx

  • That's great to hear and so glad they are nice. I've spoken to a couple of nurses whilst going through this cycle and they seem to be super sweet.

    Good luck with stims and I'll keep you posted with down regs. I am really nervous but have bag of peas and arnica cream at the ready! X

  • Aww you will be fine. Itt stings a bit when the medicine goes in but that's it :) I am so thankful right now now. I have my first stimming injection tonightt. Good luck for your DR! We should hopefully get there in the end lol xx

  • Hi NDE1987. Just wanted to wish you well with your scan on Friday. Great that you didn't need the cyst draining. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane! Yes I'm happy I didn't have to have it drained either. Just a quick question Diane, I have been stimming now since Friday but I don't have any pains on my ovaries etc. I have just had headaches. Is this normal! I was expecting to feel much more pain than I am feeling. X

  • Hi NDE1987. No, you shouldn't be feeling any pain. However, some ladies do get bloating and feelings of discomfort, but not always. Headache is quite common, and it is safe to take paracetamol if you need. Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen are not recommended. Thinking of you! Diane

  • Thanks Diane! I am worrying that the medicine isn't working! I have become such a worrier lol. Thank you xxx

  • Hi NDE1987. Everyone gets a bit anxious when taking fertility drugs, but try not to worry as you will be looked after throughout your treatment cycle. Diane

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