Emotions everywhere!

So after a fraught week of daily bloods and nearly a cancelled cycle I had my egg collection yesterday. They got 10 eggs (is that an ok amount?) and I’m on daily tablets to try and stop OHSS taking hold. But today I’m so emotional, I should be pleased we got this far but I’m just feeling sad and my poor husband must be wondering where the girl he married has gone. Sadly this isn’t a question post just somewhere I know I can say this! 😥

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  • Oh hun. It can all be such a rollercoaster and I think it’s pretty normal to feel so emotional - you’ve gone through so much to get to this stage! You’re doing amazing.

    And 10 is a great number! Keeping fingers crossed they all fertilise and hope it’s all good news when they call today xx look after yourself and rest up as much as possible! Xx

  • 10 is a great number and it’s definitely normal to be more emotional especially post EC as you’ve had sedation and even more drugs pumped into you.

    Remember you’ve done everything right to get this far, keep positive that today will bring even more good news xx

  • that is a great number good luck xx

  • Ten eggs is great. And emotions are affected by the hormones. Don’t forget even if you’ve stopped injecting, the pessaries contain a hormone and for me, progesterone is the one which really sends my emotions into overdrive. My husband finds it hard as it’s easy to forget about the continued hormones once you don’t see the injections any more. Don’t be afraid to remind him!

  • Thats a fab amount, you've done great! This whole journey plays havoc with our emotions and Im sure your hubby will have his moments too! Good luck with the updates!xx

  • 10 eggs is amazing, well done! The nurses in our clinic are always saying it’s quality not quantity. You have loads to work with there.

    It’s such a difficult time, physically and emotionally so you are entitled to feel the way you’re feeling. Try to be good to yourself, you’re doing the best you can and I’m sure your husband understands that.

    Wishing you the best of luck x

  • Heard today that 7 are looking really good - but I fainted on the shower today too!!

  • Oh my goodness, hope you’re ok! Fantastic news about your wee embies x

  • Thank you, three were front runners so they’ve gone back in today ... now we wait!

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