Painful period type pain

I am two days away from test date after a natural fet, all week I have had period type cramps. Last night the pains were so bad it woke me up and I couldn't move. After 10 minutes the pain went as if they were never there. After all this I still have no period, which is good. I am getting really worried though. I never made it this close to transfer last time and my period is due. I am just curious to know if anyone has had pains but still go on to have a positive test.

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  • I've Had cramps all the way through. I have endo and think it's something to do with that.

    Got my bfp Monday and had cramps that woke me up last night.

  • Thank you. This is such a big help.

  • Hello Kaff21, I too had really bad period pains from about day 6 onwards and I would have sworn it was going to arrive any moment. I was curled up crying as the pains were quite severe. I was amazed when yesterday we got a bfp! Don't give up! Xx

  • That's is such wonderful news for you. I am frilled for you with your bfp. I just keep counting down the days. I keep thinking I just need to get to Monday.

  • Thank you, not long left for you to wait, stay strong. Xx

  • I know the feeling πŸ˜₯ I've been having some AF pains on and off yesterday and today and also some backache too which I get before period. My period would be due between today and Tuesday (28-31 day cycle). I'm 4dp5dt.

    Seems a lot of people have AF type pains and get a BFP so fingers crossed it's all good signs 😊 not long today go until your test day! Good luck xxx

  • I hope you have good news, I can't stand the pains. It's becoming obsessive.

  • Don't worry I'm just over 5 weeks and I still get endo/period pains which come and go. I was certain it hadn't worked as I was getting pains from pretty much after transfer. Good luck with test day x

  • Thank you and a huge Congratulations.

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