2ww with Period type cramps with progesterone pessaries anyone?

Started progesterone pessaries last Wednesday 400mg a day, 200 every 12 hours.

Had transfer yesterday and upped to 600mg

Anyone else wishing they could have clothes made if silk for nipple soreness and period type heaviness?

Far too early for period of pregnancy, period due around day 6 march otd 15 march

Last time af bang on time

Any hints on how to ignore this heaviness?

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  • Yes I have the same problem.. I have not had transfer yet will either be tomorrow day 3 or Wednesday at day 5. Everything feels sore unfortunately this is the side effects of progesterone. Fingers crossed it will all be worth it. Sending you baby dust. Xx

  • Thanks Helen, feeling more normal now. At least they started before the transfer so I'm not paranoid that af is coming... Yet

    Good luck with your transfer honey, fingers and toes crossed xx

  • I also have this along with the constant dizzyness. My OTD is 4th March ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  • Aaah not long now then honey :) hang in there xx

    Really hoping you get your bfp

  • Thanks. I am really scared now the nearer it's getting ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  • No don't be. Every day your period stays away you are a day closer to a possible bfp ;)

  • True,just always feel like it's just round the corner๐Ÿ˜

  • Me tooooo. But hopefully the corner takes 9 months plus to go round ;)

  • Ha ha xxx

  • My only advice is it's more likely side effects of the pessaries, if you look at the side effects they are pretty much like af symptoms. I had loads of cramping days 2,3, and 4. Now every time I have cramping, 'heavy' feeling, twinges, aches, I worry it's my af coming x

  • Hey daisy I thought the same but my period isn't due till the 6 march which is day 30 of my cycle.

    On the plus side sleeping loads so I should be gorgeous he he he he

  • It's the feeling like I'm coming on which is driving me nuts! Oh well, not long to wait now...

  • I've not had transfer yet but cramping and nipple soreness, heaviness and some discharge (tmi sorry). Hoping it is just the pessaries. Like Helen lou I'm pencilled in for transfer tomorrow or weds. Good luck all. The things we girls have to do.... xx

  • Hi girls I have my 5 day transfer tomo. I'vehad bad craps all weekend and boobs sore. Just hope it's pessaries and not ohss. ... no other symptoms feel fine other than the bloating and cramps ! Xx

  • Aaah thanks girls looks like we are all having progesterone fun then ;)

  • I have woken up this morning with a real "tightness" in my cervix/ovary area. So much so that going for a wee is just a trickle. Anyone else had this? It feels like lots and lots of pressure and uncomfortable rather than painful. Bit worried its ohss.

    We're certainly going through the whole spectrum of symptoms to get to the end goal! Xx

  • Hey Kat

    Reading the list of side effects it says if you're having problems weeing you need to see your doctor asap.

    I'd give the clinic a call this morning just in case honey.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi kat .. me too I've got my transfer this morning and I'm so worried I've got ohss ! Just praying it's just the pessaries. I'm bloated and cramps! Hope you feel better .. i can take the bloated Ness as long as not ohss ! Us poor things eh x

  • Best of luck today hun. Let me know how you get on. I'm waiting for the call about whether transfer is today or weds (day 5). I've been quite bloated and crampy for a while but this is off the scale! Are we meant to look 6 months pregnant before transfer has even happened? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Tmi but quite constipated or diarrhoea too. I'm going to speak to the clinic today just incase.

    Good luck xxx

  • Good luck to you and you little embies today xx

  • Hi girls ... so out of the 3, 1 didn't make it. The other 2 haven't progressed as well as they would have wanted. They have put back in 2 but it's weird I don't feel excited as I think it's not gonna work ! Such a shame .. how is everyone else getting on x

  • Hey KC

    I know how you feel. They defrosted 3 on Thursday but Friday the quality was poor and the evolution slow so the advised to defrost the last three.

    2 are OK one not.

    Last time they all arrested out of 15

    They put 2 in and the last 2 didn't make it to be frozen

    In clinging to my 30%

    If it doesn't with they need to test sperm for fragmentation

    It will be my last try unless we do one try privately using with donated eggs

    My otd is 15 march

    Day 30 is the 6 th mother's day :)

    If I get past the 6 th with no period I'll start to hope as last time af came bang on time

    Pessaries and patches a nightmare

    I think it's good to be realistic and take it as a great surprise if it works

    Wishing you all the luck and sticky baby dust there is honey

    And remember we are all here for you either way xx

  • Oh hun I everything crossed for u x I didn't think it would this much of a roller coasted. I'm devastating it had gone so well to this point. We have no frozen so would be fresh straight away. I had 16 eggs and only 5 mature so hoping they will learn from it xxxx

    Thank you meansso much xxxxxs

  • Hey you are more than welcome. This site is a life saver for me x

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