Painful period type pains after bfp

So after my lovely post yesterday. I have now spiralled back. Throughout this process I have been experiencing cramps. I was assured this is normal and that they would ease.

Well last night I was awoken twice with horrendous cramping, it was so bad, I just thought oh god that's it.

My 12ww has now turned into a 3ww until my scan, with every bathroom trip turned into making sure there is no spotting etc. To say I am scared is an understatement.

Has anyone else had painful cramps early on and gone onto have a healthy pregnancy?

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  • Can you ring your clinic and ask for their advice? I hope everything is ok for you x

  • They have told it should ease off. I am fine during the day, but at night I am getting no sleep.

  • I hope they've given you some reassurance. Sorry you're in pain x

  • I'm finding night the worst for cramps too. Ive had cramps throughout ams been woke up once or twice. I think it doesn't help lying down as you notice them more

  • I get cramps all the time likeim sure I will come on my period any moment! Waking up in night too! Always bloody weeing!

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