Trigger injections before follicle retrieval

Trigger injections before follicle retrieval

I’m super confused, the Ovitrelle 250 injection I got given by the IVF nurse at the hospital told me clearly “don’t let air out” but when I google videos and read forums most people take the air out, my boyfriend also finds this very strange, so I’m confused now or worried she got this wrong? when she told me I wrote it down on the packet to make sure I didn’t get it wrong. Would be interesting to know what others got told, bit worried about this now. I’ve attached a picture to show what I mean, maybe I’m over-worrying...

Thank you In advance, really like this group and reading all the posts :) it has helped me a lot! Thank you xx

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  • Hey there

    I was told to leave the air in there because it helps with absorption xx

  • Thank you! That helps a lot thanks xx

  • Hi princessyaz26. No need to worry. It helps absorb the drug. Only a worry if giving an injection intravenously. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you! So worried about this one xx

  • Good luck hun!

    Just done my trigger injection for EC on Monday

    Wishing you all the best xx

  • Wish you luck for Monday! I have mine Tuesday, been doing all these injections and most nervous about this trigger injection, keep me posted on how you get on :) xx

  • I will keep you posted. Xx

  • Hi Princessyaz26. Try not to worry, you're doing OK. Hope all goes well for tomorrow's egg collection. Have a good rest afterwards and drink plenty of water. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Shivvyboom79. Hope all goes/has gone well with your egg collection today. Have a good rest afterwards and drink plenty of water. Thinking of you too. Diane

  • Often prepacked injections have air in them to facilitate the last bit of the injection being expelled from the syringe. I would leave it in as the manufacturer has left it in for a reason.

  • Thank you everyone, did the injection last night and all was fine, thank you so much for your messages xx

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