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Night before egg collection


So I’ve just had my last drink. Egg collection tomorrow. I’m very 50/50 this time round as my last cycle didn’t make it past day three with sadly only one egg being good enough. I’m trying to be level headed this time and not hopeful as last time I was told the wrong info and I was under the impression that if you made to egg Collection you were becoming pregnant.

I’ve been told I’ve possibly got four eggs to be collected but again I’m being mindful. I’m a mixture of emotions at the minute. Beating myself up being negative then beating myself up being positive. I’m just unsure what to think. But I know what will be will be.

I must say though my boobs are so painful this time round and my ovaries fill like I have golf balls in them. I do feel different this time around. But I have had a totally different course of injections and I have had a better response with the number of follicles this time.

I’m just mindful, nervous, emotional and curious what the future holds.

I’m hoping tomorrow will bring me better news on my number of eggs and also hoping I make it past day three.

Who knows. But I wanted to share my feelings as I’ve kept this cycle very private this time as I didn’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up or have to explain myself if it didn’t go the way I wanted. But having this forum has helped a lot. So thank you even if you just read my posts. ❤️

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All the very best of luck for EC tomorrow! I hope you get lots of lovely eggies x

Kelz84 in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you hun I really appreciate it xx

I'll be thinking of you. Definitely sounds like the ovaries are well stimulated this go around xxx

Good luck xxx

Best of luck, hope it goes well. xx

Lovely post, I so identify with what you're saying. Such conflicting emotions, not wanting to torment yourself with false hope but not knowing how to think about it all! It sounds like you're in a good place, and trying to be level headed is perfect. I wish you all the very best and hope it all goes really well. Much love xx

Kelz84 in reply to magda22

Argh what a lovely message. Thank you hun I really appreciate it xx❤️

Good luck Kelz, it all sounds very promising xx

Hi Kelz. My egg collection tomorrow & nervous about as you mention in your post we are under the impression if we have egg collection we are getting pregnant. But in reality it doesn’t work like that, hence am nervous tmw.

How did your egg collection go?

How many follicles did you have in your last scan before collection?

How many eggs did they collect ?

How many got fertilised?

How many embryos did they transfer?

Sorry for the 101 questions! X

Kelz84 in reply to Fareena1904

Hi Fareena right before my first cycle for icsi I was told I had a low egg count. My partner had cancer when he was 18. So this meant he had to store samples which were frozen. We are both 34 years old.

Our first cycle was in May this year. I had seven follicles we used gonal f 250mg. Out of seven, four were taken. Two were inseminated with sperm on the Monday. After 24 hours, only one made it. As I’ve said before we were under the impression that once we had egg Collection we were going to become pregnant. We were told that egg transfer was happening on the Saturday. So Saturday morning which would be day five. We made our way to the clinic. We left home at 7am to get to Harley street. At around 7:50 I got a call to say our egg didn’t make it. We were devastated. I felt like I had lost a child. It took me a while to build my strength up and be “normal”.

So our second cycle.

We were told to let the clinic know when we were ready to start our next cycle. I rang the clinic on the 14th November 2018 to tell them my monthly had started. I went to the clinic on the 15th and had a scan which showed I had seven follicles. I was told to start 400mg of menopur and 0.2 of buserelin plus 40mg of clexane.

I had a scan on the 21st of November which showed I had eight follicles. Four on each. One on my left was already 20mm and the others on the left were between 10 and 16mm. The four on the right were between 6-10mm. The lady said to me they may have to abandon this course as I don’t have a good number of eggs. I was shocked as we were only six days into the cycle and things can change quite quickly. So I had a further scan on the Friday which showed I had nine follicles which had all caught up. The biggest follicle had reached 25mm. So I was told to take my trigger injection on the Saturday evening at 11pm. Which I did. I had egg collection on Monday 26th November. They collected five follicles. So four weren’t right. I weren’t told the reasons why. Tbh I was shocked they collected five considering there was only two last time. They fertilised five. I was then told to take one dose every 12 hours of cyclogest which is a pessary that I take from behind. I received a call on the Tuesday that all five made the 24 hours which again I was gobsmacked. So on Saturday 1st December we done the drive to Harley street with not knowing anything. If I’m honest I was waiting for the call to say none made it. But we got to the clinic and was told that three made it. But only one made it to a 4AA. The other two they we will continue to incubate and see if another 24 hours helps them produce further. So they inserted the 4AA and if I’m honest the only problem I had that day was having a comfortable bladder. I had to half empty my bladder three times. But the actual procedure was very straight forward and quite a beautiful moment. Being able to watch our blastocyst being implanted was quite a humble feeling. I was told the lining of my womb was perfect and where they inseminated it was perfect. Just to point out I didn’t take my pessary till 12pm. It was due at 9:30am but the nurse said not to worry and to take it after transfer. I had a call around 11am today to say that one egg didn’t make it. But the other they are going to give a further 24 hours just to see if that is what it needs to be frozen. Oh to add I currently haven’t had any spotting or bleeding from egg transfer. I must say I dread going to the toilet incase there is blood there. I’ve had a few cramps but nothing painful. Almost like pinching feeling.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply but I’ve been adding to it as the evening goes on.

I really hope this helps and if there is any other advice you need just ask. Xx

Thanks Kelz for all the detailed info.

Really appreciate it, as shows me not be too optimistic as only egg collection tomorrow. Too early to think will get pregnant, you email as kinda of got me ready for any outcome. Just 🙏 for both of us, your pregnancy progresses well & my collection & fertilisation X

Kelz84 in reply to Fareena1904

Hi Fareena. The best thing I can suggest is to be optimistic. Prepare yourself for good and bad news. That’s what I done on my second round. My first round in my head was a practice run with the wrong information given. My second round I was more clear on things and more prepared. I have mainly thought negative with this cycle as I was so devastated with my first cycle. Even now I’m still thinking negative.

All the best for today and good luck. Xx

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