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Ovulated before Egg Retrieval

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So I went in to my retrieval this morning hopeful that my 5 big follicles would all produce an egg. I got 1 egg. I'm devastated. Looks like I ovulated. I had pains this morning so now I know what that must have been. For all the money we wasted, I can produce 1 egg a month for free. Has anyone else had this happen and did you go on to change anything is subsequent cycles? As you can tell I'm not holding out any hope for a BFP from 1 egg.

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Really sorry to hear this can understand how devastated you must be feeling.

Hoping this egg is the only egg you will need and is a little fighter 😍 quality over quantity. As the saying goes “ if only takes one egg” 💗

Good luck xoxo

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Thanks jess1981, it would be some kind of miracle.

Have the clinic offered any explanation? You may not have ovulated, not all follciles have eggs in them so you may just have been super unlucky! If the clinic has left you too long then surely they have a responsibilty to offer you another round? Here's hoping your 1 egg goes all the way!xx

They called me back to say the bloods they took didn't indicate ovulation. So turns out I'm just super unlucky. What a difference 4 years makes, I got 12 back then.

Ahhh sorry to hear that, cycles can be so different and I guess 4 years would take its toll! Hopefully you get some good news about your egg today!xx

My last 2 cycles were like this - 1 egg out of 10/11 follicles. We did fall pregnant both times with just that one egg!! But sadly miscarried. It’s very much still possible hon, it only takes one!

Good luck xx

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Thanks, you never know I guess. I'm just being a pessimist. I'm very sorry they ended for you 🙁

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I hope this is the one you need! x

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