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2nd January follow up appointment- New Year’s Eve?

We have our follow up appointment on the 2nd of January as my partner couldn’t make the 1st appointment, I assume he will have blood tests done and I am just wondering should we not drink on New Year’s Eve will this affect any testing done? We are not big drinkers at all maybe drank 3 times this year but I do like to celebrate the new year coming in and I’m hoping this new year is going to be the one where my dreams come true!!

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Is it an appointment for your 2nd round of ivf? If it is then check with the clinic, we had ours not long ago and no tests were done, just went through any changes that’s going to happen and when it’ll start again x


No we havnt started ivf yet we are still the process of going through tests to see what options will be best for us



I think he'll be able to drink. Hospital will understand that new year is a time when most people do have a drink (or 20) 🙂

Also, they do take bloods but I don't think they check alcohol levels? What they will likely check is if either of you smoke, but I'm pretty sure they only ask about how much your alcohol intake is xxx


Fab thank you! I had my blood tests done on the 1st appointment so assuming they will only test him as they know he had a low sperm count so I know they are planning to test his hormone level and have a look at his genetics so see if using his sperm is going to be viable or whether we need to go down the sperm donor route so just wanted to make sure that having any alcohol won’t jeopardise any of the results.

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I think you'll be ok with the alcohol so try not to worry and enjoy your new year 🙂

Good luck for your appointment when it comes xxx


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