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Hi all.

I received my bfp on the 28.11.15 which we were over the moon with! Everything has been going great until yesturday whilst going to the toilet I wiped and there was a little blood. Throughout the day I was walking around and a little more appeared but it was like a brown colour.

Also on Friday I experienced really bad tummy pains and servee sickness. Due to the fact that this was not accompanied with any bleeding reassured me somewhat but the following day the spotting happened.

I have an early scan booked for tomorrow but am seriously worried. Would love u thoughts and opinions ladies. Do u think I have anything to worry about. Also no more bleeding since yesturday evening

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If your blood was a brown colour it sounds like it could be older blood. And many women do have little bleeds during pregnancy.Unless you are heavily bleeding constantly then I would try to stay calm. As pains can be normal signs during pregnancy too as your body is changing. I think it's really good that you have your scan tomorrow and I really hope you get some good news Xxx


Were the tummy pains and sickness definitely pregnancy related? Have you had morning sickness yet or could it have been something you ate or a 24hr bug? I agree I think it's good you have a scan tomorrow to reassure yourself and in the meantime remember that there are lots of ladies on here had BFPs then had spotting and even some heavier bleeds and everything has been fine. Maybe take it easy today though to give yourself chance to recover from whatever it is. Good luck!

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I had some spotting which lasted around 3 days when I was about 12 weeks. I think provided it is brown and/or light bleeding it's actually fairly normal in pregnancy (although can be a bit stressful when it happens!).

My morning sickness started around 6/7 weeks and I was still experiencing some

cramping from the whole IVF process at that time so hopefully that explains your other symptoms.

I would tell you to call the clinic but as you have your scan tomorrow they will probably just tell you to come along then as planned. But, if the bleeding does get worse or become heavy (which it hopefully wont) I was told to contact A&E.

Good luck for your scan! x


I had heavy bleeding at 7 weeks, bright red blood, and was convinced it was all over but both embies hung in there and I'm now 31 weeks pregnant with twins. The sonographer who did my emergency ultrasound said she saw early bleeding a lot with IVF pregnancies and that it was usually to do with the amount of hormones we are given rather than anything more scary. Good luck for your scan. Xxx


I also had a bright red bleed at 7 weeks then brown spotting from 8-10 weeks. I was a total mess even with 3 early scans! Now 32 weeks and everything is going fine. It's meant to be very common in early pregnancy but that doesn't make you feel better at the time! Good luck xxxx


Hi there, i had spotting few times during my pregnancy which stressed me a lot and every time i thought it might be miscarriage,but i am happy to say that after all this emotional journey my princess is nearly 6 months, so stay strong and I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly xxx


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