failed cycle and break outs

Hi guys,

iv felt a little sad lately but have come back with the attitude that if it happens it happens, no point losing my sanity and health over something i can't control. I had 15 eggs harvested and 0 fertilized. I'v had a bleed and can start after my next bleed for my 2nd cycle, but feel really unsure.

The Clinic said it would be ICSI this time round- they could not provide a explanation for why none of the eggs had fertilized though there was evidence of bonding.

Also to top it off my face has broken out really bad in large red spots that are painful, hubby thinks its all the hormones, Has anyone else had this experience?

hope you are all well xx

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  • So sorry you’ve had such a hard time. It’s really tough and the hormones definitely don’t help! I had bad skin too. Try putting Sudocrem on them. It really helps. Also try cutting down your sugar intake. I find detoxing really helps although it takes a few days to work. x

  • thank you for your reply, it defo has been tough but to compensate im off on holiday this Monday to Egypt. hopefully it will be a easier ride in the future.

  • I had a cystic acne breakout after my last miscarriage. My skin is still not great but it’s better than last week. It’s definitely hormonal and should settle soon.. I’m sorry for your failed cycle xx

  • I am very sorry to hear this love. It was beyond your control. I love the fact that you are determined to not let this ruin your health and mental stability. These things are beyond our control... I don't get whats the point on stressing over them. It is better that you remain calm. I assure you that better things will start happening very soon. Hugs and kisses dear xoxoxo

  • Thank u soo much tugsgirl and sweet piee for ur messages it's a tough time and all the questioning is hard but I'm hopeful.

    Icsi it is though I'm nervous xxx

    My skin looks crap 🙁🙁🙁

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