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Really struggling with my fertility diagnosis

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I’m really struggling to deal with my fertility diagnosis at the moment, as some of you will know i was told 5 weeks ago after my lap and dye that both my tubes are blocked so IVF is our only option, but i’ve currently got it in my head that when i go for my follow up gynae appt in December that i’m going to be told that everything is fine and we can concieve naturally with no problems, i’ve told myself and my family that i’ve imagined everything, that its all just in my head and i’ve just mis heard the doctor! X

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Hi Nicki, first of all I’m sorry that you’re having to go through this, it sucks ☹️ and it’s totally natural to be freaked out. IVF is really big and really scary from a distance, but once you get going it’s not that bad. What does your OH think? I was terrified when we went for tests and kept putting it off, but eventually I realised that once we know what we are dealing with we can just get on with it, knowledge is power, and that gives you options. It’s shit not to be able to do it naturally, but see this as now you can start moving forward xxx

It bloody does suck! I think i may just be having a moment of madness and maybe part of me just doesn’t want to believe it, my follow up gynae appt isn’t until 15th december, so i still have quite a wait for the appt. When we got told i was so happy that we finally had a proper diagnosis that i don’t think i’d mentally prepared myself for what we were going to be told and that our journey is now finally starting to begin. My OH is worried that i’m heading for a breakdown in all fairness but he’s incredibly supportive and keeps reminding me that i’m stronger than i think i am and whatever our journey brings us, were in it together X

Once you get referred to the ivf clinic you should be entitled to some free counselling sessions- I recommend taking them! You have a huge adjustment in thinking to make, which is normal, but hard. Counselling has helped me.

Thanks. I had heard that your entitled to some free counselling so i think i’ll definatly be taking it! You don’t realise how much it affects you mentally sometimes do you! Xx

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Hi Nickimidge. So sorry to hear that you are struggling at the moment. All this is never easy to get your head around, but hopefully you will be a little more settled when you go in December. I don't know whether you have them, but I can send you my list of questions to have a look through before you go, as you need to ask if you need treatment on the tubes beforehand too. Email me in confidence to and I will send them to you, if you want. Thinking of you. Diane

Thinking of you xxx both of my tubes are blocked and it’s been one of the hardest things to deal with. Although I went to my first consultant appointment with the fertility consultant on Tuesday as said my recent internal scan would suggest they aren’t blocked it’s possible it’s a really small blockage or my tubes didn’t like it and squeezed giving me a false positive however the cysts on one of my overies may have (what I found out Tuesday) now lead to my having a low egg reserve he said at my age he isn’t worried if I was 37 he would be worried not sure if that’s hopeful of not lol xx

I think i definatly underestimated how i’d feel being told that i can’t concieve a child naturally. Everythings so confusing isn’t it. Have you had a lap and dye?xx

Yes had the lap and dye it’s so hard but you really must focus on what you can do and can control xx

I know. Like you say its just hard xx

Hi Nicki

I got diagnosed with blocked tubes in January - I was devastated and it was unexpected. I've got my head round it now and 2 surgeries since and I've just done my first round of ivf. It's not worked but I must be hopeful for round 2. Your mind will accept and adjust to what you need to do to bring a baby into this world as mine did. Good luck with your ivf journey x

Thanks hun. At the moment i think all my emotions are just numb and it hasn’t sunk in yet! Did they remove or clip your tubes before you started IVF? Xx

I had them clipped to stop any fluid in them interfering with ivf and potentially washing away an embryo x

I want mine clipping so i’m hoping that they’ll do it xx

Don’t be too hard on yourself, I’ve known for years that my one remaining tube was blocked yet I still used to get a little excited whenever my period was late. Even though I knew deep down IVF was my only option. Thankfully nothing else is wrong in that department although husbands sperm was not 100% we managed to get his sperm up to a better standard by time eggs collection came around. Had normal IVF and I’m now 8w4d pregnant. I would say that starting IVF for me was exciting and I took it pretty much in my stride with the injections you get into a routine. The hardest bit is when you have finished the treatment and the waiting game commences. There is loads of support on here for every step of the way and I have found this place invaluable in helping me cope through it all. Good luck in your journey, wish you all the best. Message me anytime xx

Thank you hun. Means alot xxx

I know exactly what you mean, it’s hard not to have hope even though you’ve been told it isn’t possible for it to happen naturally.

My partner has a genetic issue that means he can’t produce sperm but every month my period is a day or two late I think what if this month his body produced just the one and a miracle happened.

Obviously it’ll never happen and my OH says I’m crazy and jokes that if it did happen he’d want a DNA test 😂.

But it’s hard to give up hope, sometimes it’s all we have left.

I hope that your December comes around fast and that they can answer all your questions and start planning your next steps xx

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