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5dp5dt for FET

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I've made it to 5dp5dt and am trying not to drive myself crazy symptom spotting and comparing my last 2 cycles πŸ™ˆ

So far no sign of any bleeding apart from some very slight pink spotting 1dp5dt and I had another very slight orange twinge when I wiped today 😏 from about day 3 I've been convinced this isn't working and I'm going to get my period but then get my hopes up that I've come this far without any sign that AF is about to start in the next few days 😳 I've not had any pre period signs although I have noticed I get dull cramping at night that are more period like but not my usual cramping so don't know what to think πŸ™ˆ have all the signs that this could be implantation cramping and have all the signs my period is going to start in the next few days 😩 the joys of the 2ww!

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Good luck to you πŸ’«β€ when is your test day? Keep positive xxx

Thank you πŸ™ test day isn't until Friday the 20th but I've never made it to otd before my period starts πŸ’” xx

That's a long wait πŸ™ˆπŸ˜’ fingers crossed for you. It's such a tough journey but we are all in it together ❀ your symptoms seem positive πŸ™‚ xx

We have the same test day. Thinking of you!! Xx

Good luck πŸ€žπŸ™ xx

Try and keep yourself busy. It is the longest and hardest wait. I had some twinges but nothing more. Everyone is different from what I understand but take it easy as best you can. Good luck and I'll wait to hear the outcome on 20th xx

I am also in my TWW and have been getting mild cramps every now and then. I totally understand how you are feeling. Lots of baby dust to you and take it easy!

Don't wish for bleeding! Less than 10% have implantation bleeding! I had (at least what I thought to be it, as it was spotting from about one week or so after ET) after a couple of Gets, but all failed. The one I succeeded on, was the one with no spotting what so ever except from three pink spots in total during the three days around my expected period. No fresh blood! So just go on hoping for white pads and a positive test! Crossing fingers for you 😘

Thinking of you Sarah and wishing positive news for you soon xx

Sending positive vibes and wishing you lots of luck πŸ€ xx

It’s so hard not to symptom spot isn’t it and the days seem to be longer and longer in the TWW. Wishing you lots of luck πŸ˜ŠπŸ™. My OTD is on the 20th aswell so I’ll be wishing the next week away just as fast as you πŸ’•xX

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