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Hi all, i have been trying not to do this but i had my fet last thurs afternoon and had cramps for the last 3 days. Today i had nothing until now. I have a really strong feeling af is going to show her ugly face and ruin everything for us. I am due on fri or sat so having this feeling does not fill me with enthusiasm that it is something else. I have this heavy feeling in my uterus and a pain off and on from my right ovary its very wierd. If anyone has any similar stories that ended well please let me know xx

23 Replies
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Hi Sam, cramps & af pains are normal before af & in early pregnancy, look at all the naturally conceived chats & that is a constant worry. Did you have many eggs recovered? I had a lot mainly on my right ovary & after I got my BFP my right ovary became more painful due to mild ohss so the ovary pain could be a good sign. I'll keep my fingers crossed for test day. Good luck! Xx

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Sam101 in reply to poochi

Thanks poochi. To be honest my egg collection was so long ago i cant remember which side most eggs came from. Im hoping its all good but because i havent had any other symptoms im starting to worry now 😕 xx

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poochi in reply to Sam101

I had no symptoms other than ovary pain until after my bfp.... maybe I did but I didnt associate them with a bfp. You're not out yet xx

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It plays with your mind doesn't it. I'm on my 2ww following my FET last Tuesday, my test day is this coming Sat. I keep getting pains and cramps and sore boobs and then nothing. I don't know what any of it means but I'm taking a concoction of meds which I'm sure is what is causing all the twinges etc. Sunday just gone was my worst day that would be 5 days after the 5 day FET.

Are you doing a hPt next week?

Thinking of you xx

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Sam101 in reply to Hannah143

Definately plays with your mind. Not long til you can test then so good luck. All i have had is cramps and twinges no other symptoms whivh again worries me as by now i would have thought the nausea may be starting slightly as as far as i know our embryo should be embedded by now into my uterus if im right.

Yes got a digital clearblue to do. Im dreading it as im so used to seeing not pregnant or just a test line show up i dont want to see that again, i want this to be the one!! Im hoping its the meds to as im on more this time than any other. Was hoping together they would all work.

Good luck for sat. Keeping everything crossed for you. Let me know how you get on xx

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Mantaray75 in reply to Sam101

I also worried about not having symptoms but the constant nausea kicked in 3 days ago (I was 6 weeks yesterday). I think a lot of women don't have many symptoms until week 7 or so. x

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Sam101 in reply to Mantaray75

Thank you mantaray75. Its good to know not everyone gets symptoms straight away. So many people say they had symptoms the day after transfer so when you dont get anything you feel like you are the odd one or the unsuccessful one more to the point. Congratulations on your fabulous news though. Hope all goes well for you xx

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Your bound to worry you've been through a lot. Try to stay relaxed and lots of people have these feelings and it ends well.

Wishing you luck for your test.

Kelly xx

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Sam101 in reply to Kelly-03

Hi kelly. Thank you. I think because i have been here so many times before i just panic whem it happens again. It doesnt help that af is due this weekend so thst makes me panic more when the cramping comes back. Im trying to keep calm it just hits me every now and again xx

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During my 2ww I would have pregnancy symptoms for a really short while then nothing which does make you worry a lot more. However I got a bfp so hang in there. Although I miscarried after I didn't believe I was pregnant after my 2ww. Just try and stay positive and keep us updated. Baby dust to you. Xx

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Sam101 in reply to Sunny_skies

Thank you sunny skies. Sorry yo hear your news. Its so exciting having the embryo transfer but then the 2ww is a nightmare. I really hope this is our little miracle. Im trying to keep positive and occupied as much as possible. Xx

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Hi Sam - these are all really common signs associated with pregnancy. When I went to see the midwife she asked if that's what I had experienced which was really reassuring at the time. Hang in there, it's so so hard but your body plays tricks on you at this stage and the brain is happy to indulge it! Good luck with your test x x x

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Sam101 in reply to MommaBear16

That is good to know if the midwife asked you. Its just hard when you have been here many times before thats all. Thank you so much though for telling me i appreciate it. Puts my mind at rest a bit xx

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Sam101 in reply to Sam101

Its really wierd im boiling hot constantly even if its not that hot outside, my lower abdo feels strange and i constantly need to pee. They are all the symptoms i have. I think they are all from the meds im on to xx

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MommaBear16 in reply to Sam101

Aw Sam I'm sorry you've been through this so many times before. It's so unfair. You're bound to be anxious and nervous about what's to come. Keeping everything crossed that this is your time, lord knows you deserve it x x x

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Sam101 in reply to MommaBear16

Thank you mommabear. It is unfair and it feels like each time it is a bfn i feel broken but i keep getting back up and trying again. Thats why im hoping this is our lucky one. Its our time now surely!! Xx

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I felt like AF was on its way from the very start of the 2WW with my FET plenty of cramps and odd pains got my BFP now 26 weeks. Stay positive and hope for the best. Good luck x

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Sam101 in reply to LHow81

Thats fab news lhow81. It must be so exciting being 26 weeks. I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. Im trying to stay positive but its easier some times more than others. Thank you though. Xx

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LHow81 in reply to Sam101

It's so hard to be positive I know and you're scared to get your hopes up and I get that totally. I'm trying so hard to enjoy it now and it is getting easier but I still worry if he doesn't move for awhile or I get a new pain! I don't think I'll stop worrying till he's here!! X

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Sam101 in reply to LHow81

Thats the thing, i want to keep positive as its want we want more than anything in the world. Im scared if i set my mind on it working and its not i will be even more devastated. You cant win either way!! I can imagine it must be nerve racking if you dont feel your little one move. Exciting you know its a boy, gives you chance to sort out his room etc xx

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Does anyone know why my right ovary feels like its going to burst? Its very odd xx

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I had mild cramps and a BFP xx

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Sam101 in reply to leah30

Thanks leah. Im keeping everything crossed. I hope we get our bfp as well. Congrats xx

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