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Starting Clomid

My consultant has now given me Clomid to start on my next period which will be november. Just wanting to know what peoples experiences are on it. Been ttc for 3yrs with no joy, except for an ectopic pregnancy in July this year leading to me having my right tube removed, had a HSG which shows my left tube is fine, had numerous blood tests which show that I am ovulating so not sure what the Clomid will do for me. Any advice or experiences are welcome.

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Hi, hope you are doing well! In my case Clomid increased my eggs production. If I remember everything correctly, prior to it I had 4-5 more or less proper eggs, while after it there were 13 eggs collected and a lot more follies left. But I also had its side effects. Mood swings were the most frequent, but sometimes I also suffered from headaches and dizziness. In the end I developed thin endometrium and my Dr said it was due to Clomid. So make sure you consult your Dr about the timelines of taking Clomid in order it to be safe. Good luck to you!


Yeah he's booked me in for 3mths and only given me a 3mth prescription. Have got to have an ultrasound and blood tests the first month, do I have to have these every month or just the first? Xx


It depends on the clinic, I suppose. I had these tests done every month, but I strongly insisted on such frequency


For me clomid had no success but as I don’t ovulate the main reason for me trying it was to see if I would. I do have quite a few friends who have fallen pregnant taking it though. My main symptoms were mood swings, headaches and hot flushes mainly at night. Wishing you lots of luck x


Thank you. So sorry it didn't work for you. I've seen online some recommend taking it before bed so you sleep through some of the side effects?? Xx


Yeah I was always took mine before bed and it did help especially with the hot sweats, occasionally I would wake up drenched but I’d rather that than of been at work or something at it happen xx

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Hi, I have been TTC for two and half years. I have completed 6 cycles of clomid. First two at 50mg then increased to 100mg. My issue different from yours in that I wasn't ovulating at all or having natural periods.

Nothing happened in first five cycles then ovulated on 6th. Had an appointment at assisted conception a week later and told me I could go up to 150mg for another 6 months...however just got a BFP a week later!

So it can work!

Had some side effects though mainly night sweats and a sore throat but well worth it!

I know someone that has same issues as yourself and conceived on fourth round.

Just stay positive which I know is easier said than done. Good luck and hope you have success. x



Sorry to hear that you had an ectopic. I have also just been prescribed Clomid for my next cycle- AF due in a week. I also only have one tube due to having an unicornuate uterus. Have got my fingers crossed for you! Xx


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