Bleeding at 5 weeks


I’ve been bleeding on and off since My BFP. I’ve been to the early pregnancy clinic and they have been taking hcg bloods and my number are increasing ‘nicely’. They want me to go for a scan on Monday. I went in last Monday for an internal exam and they said my cervix was open. Why would they want to scan me? I’m really worried as I’m crampy especially at nights. My bleed can range from watery tan to thick black\brown looking stuff. Sometimes it will leave a stain on a panty liner sometimes I only notice it when I wipe.

Has anyone experienced the same? I ovulated on the 2nd of October so I think im 5 weeks 2 days.

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  • Hey hun

    I'm sorry for what your going through at this time

    I guess they didn't see anything on your last scan.

    They will want to scan again to see if they can see better hun and what's causing pain and bleeding to rule out any problems hun.

    They are doing the right thing keeping an eye on you. Hopefully they'll be able to know better next week hun then you'll know better. Lots of love. 💗🤗😘

  • I never had the bleeding but I had the cramps every day probably right up until after my 1st trimester was over, I was paranoid that something was wrong but all was fine. 😊x

  • Hi hun, I'm almost 7 weeks now but during my 5th week I spotted twice, not only with wiping but on panty liners too, that later turned to brown, both time I was told there's nothing to worry about as it could be 'old' blood making its way out. I was also told my cervix was closed so that put me much more at ease. They might want to scan you again for this reason alone, the cervix shouldn't really be open at this stage... my cousin experienced this with her pregnancy because her womb was heavy as she was having triplets, the drs had to stitch her cervix until delivery so that the pregnancy stays intact.

    When is the scan?

    Beside that cramping is very normal... it could be anytime during the day or night, there's a lot that's changing inside us.. xx

  • Did you go for your scan how was it? Xx

  • Yes I did all was well. Still spottting have another scan when I’m 8 weeks on the 14th of November xx

  • Oh hun that's great did they say anything as to why your cervix is open or why bleeding. Xx

  • How are you getting on? X

  • I'm not too bad got a lot of pressure in my tummy this evening got my first scan in Friday I'm bricking it tbh xx

  • I felt exactly the same before my scan. How far will you be when you have your scan?

    I didn’t even ask at my scan why i have been bleeding. My mind went blank just wanted to know everything was fine. Was so relieved afterwards that i forgot to ask my list of questions!

    I’m taking my hubby next time to make sure I ask the questions!

    Are you experiencing any other symptoms? Xx

  • Oh bless you I can imagine how you was. Such a relief to know things were fine.

    I'll be 5+6 it's the miscarriage clinic that's doing it it will be my first appointment. They have told me it might be too early to see anything. No other symptoms hun except for iv got the runs sorry tmi and slightly sore boobs that have blown up. I wish I felt more pregnant. What about you 💗🤗😘

  • They couldn’t see a heart beat at my scan or they certainly didn’t show me it. I measured 5 weeks 6 days. They told me they were ‘cautiously optimistic’. They were happy it was in the right place and the sac was a good shape. Ive has sore boobs and still experiencing pinkish watery discharge when the wipe. TMI 🙈xx

  • What you’re experiencing sounds so similar. I really hope the scan gives you some peace of mind. Xx

  • I know that's what's going to be the case with me I think they might end up admitting me because I'm high risk of ectopic so they'll probably do bloods over the weekend then scan me again it happened to me years ago. Did your boobs start of really sore then ease off a bit 💗🤗😘

  • Sounds like you are in good hands. I hope everything runs smoothly.

    Yes my boobs felt back to normal before my scan so I had convinced myself I was no longer pregnant! They are starting to feel heavy and full again and sore at the side. It seems to happen in waves and then eases off for a day or two.

    Have you felt sick or particularly tired? Have you an under active thyroid? I can’t remember if I read that on your profile? What have they advised on your dose? Xx

  • No hun but I'm going to get my bloods done to check for hypo tomorrow because I believe it's something that's never been investigated throughout my miscarriages and my tsh was 2.7 while ttc so I guess it's higher now. I want everything possible sorting.

    Thanks hun that boob thing has reassured me. Oh yes iv been feeling tired I nearly fainted in Saturday night had no appetite paid for not eating properly no sickness just occasionally some nausea but can't stand the smell of my vitamins they make me gip. 💗🤗😘

  • Hi there, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and have had bleeding and spotting throughout. I found out a few weeks ago that I have a hematoma which is some gathering of blood inside my uterus. It is coming out gradually so that is the blood.

    The fact that you have had dark/brown blood is good. It means it's old so not fresh. Mine has varied. You may have a hematoma too, they'll be able to see it on the scan. It's scary but also good to know what is happening in there.

    Let is know how you go. x x

  • Thanks for sharing hopefully I will know more at my 8 weeks scan. Congratulations. How are you feeling at 11 weeks? Xx

  • Thanks! I feel ok. I don't really have morning sickness but I am eating everything in sight. I feel tired and have strange pains and aches. I've had a lot of scans of course because this is an ivf baby so that has reassured me. But the bleeding scares me, when I got to bed I don't know what I will wake up to. But as the weeks pass I am growing more and more confident in the little bean, who I am sure is a tough cookie. Let me know how your 8 week scan goes x x

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