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Bleeding at 5 weeks 6 days


Got our bfp 2 weeks ago we couldn't believe it. We only had one fertilised embryo so was our only chance. After 2 miscarriages and 6 years ttc I've been so paranoid everyday waiting for something to go wrong. Sunday was my first day back at work and after only 2 hours I went to the toilet and I was bleeding. Was quite dark but not heavy but I had a meltdown and went straight to ane. They couldn't scan me till Wednesday. I phoned the fertility centre yesterday and they got me in today. After heavy bleed to spotting to nothing and then starting all over again I convinced myself it was over. I read every Google page possible to see what it was. Went for scan this morning and there it was a perfect little heart beat. Measuring 6 weeks 1 day and no sign of miscarrying. My left ovary, which is the only one that had follicles, is very enlarged so could be causing the pain. I'm in absolute shock. Good luck to anyone out there and stay positive xx

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Wow that's brilliant news. Im sure seeing the heartbeat will have been a huge relief! Xx

Jae85 in reply to Kat9lives

Massive relief. Just can't believe it at all :) xx

Ah wow I'm so pleased to hear that everything's ok, it's so frightening isn't it. You got a little fighter in there, 💪 Xx

Jae85 in reply to Hannah143

Thank you. We said that from the start. The embryologist said it didn't look good to make it past 3 days to blastocyst and it did. I'm so happy xx

Wonderful news stay strong xx

Yes a little fighter. Stay strong and look after yourself xxx

That sounds very stressful you poor thing! So glad it was good news, congratulations xx

hi this is so hopeful to hear. Thank you for sharing. I'm into my 5th week and I am so paranoid. I have done sp many tests. I feel like I am tip toeing around so as not to spoil anything. Did you let your manager know you are pregnant or are you holding out telling them until later.

like you I am constantly googling.

Jae85 in reply to Mandy_K

She knew about the ivf so she's been so understanding with it all. The nurse said stay away from Dr Google its the worst thing you can do. Easier said than done but I'm trying not to look at anything today. When we got to the hospital a couple were walking out with there scan smiling away and I was just praying that would be us. When's your scan booked in for? It was amazing seeing the heart beating

Good luck xx

Mandy_K in reply to Jae85

Hi I do not have anything booked yet - not quite there yet . I think I am only just over 4 weeks so a bit early for me - just praying it all works out x

Jae85 in reply to Mandy_K

Good luck and hope yours is on too. Try not to worry over things. I know easier said than done I've been off sick for 5 weeks now so on Google over everything but it really doesn't help xx


Aw lovely news xxx

Thats great.

I'm 5 weeks today and paranoid every time I go to the toilet. This is far worse than the 2WW. x

Jae85 in reply to Mantaray75

Exactly how I feel too. Good luck with yours hope everything goes well for you xx

Congratulations! I hope things continue to go well for you and wish you a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy x

Aw Jae85 - Congratulations, I'm so happy everything is ok x x x

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