What do clinics offer after pregnant from IVF? Meds and tests etc

Hi all

After our positive test on Saturday after our ICSI cycle I'm still overjoyed but the anxiety and worry has firmly kicked in! My clinic stops pessaries after the 2ww so I'm on no medication and also I haven't been offered any blood tests or anything to confirm the result. My first scan is not booked in until 9th Nov and I'm going to be an anxious wreck up until then!

I just wondered what everyone else had been offered after a BFP? It seems unusual not to continue with pessaries, and not to have bloods checked etc. Or am I overly stressing? I'm so worried I keep doing a pregnancy test everyday, which doesn't feel very sustainable (for my mental and financial health!)

I've also continued to have what feels like really strong period pains - the other night I woke up in agony and could hardly stand up to get to the toilet. I haven't bled, just really sharp pains. I rang the clinic nurses and they say they couldn't really do anything and just to wait until our scan. She thought it might be because my ovaries will still be enlarged from EC as I had 15 eggs collected.

Would love to hear what others have experience after getting BFP in terms of pain, medication and support from clinic.

Thanks and love to you all xx

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  • Firstly congratulations, Everyone’s clinics seem to be very different. I didn’t get a blood test and my first scan was at 8 weeks. I also carried on my meds until 12 weeks xx

  • Thank for letting me know xx

  • My clinic kept me on pessaries until my 7wk scan but told me it wasn’t really necessary and I could have come off them at OTD. For some reason clinics seem to differ in this regard. My clinic doesn’t do bloods either which I also thought was strange given the number that do. Their logic is that OTD is sufficiently after transfer to know what the result is.

    I also continued to have shooting pains for quite a while after transfer. At least the 7 week mark. Though not quite as bad as yours from the sound of it. Some people think it’s your uterus starting to stretch. My clinic told me at my 7 week scan that my ovaries were still the size of golf balls and the pains were most likely them settling back down. I hope they calm down soon. I think it’s normal to be worried up to your first scan but try and relax and enjoy being pregnant.

  • Thanks, it's reassuring to hear others experience. I just want to get to our scan and then be able to relax a bit! I am over the moon of course, just tinged with anxiety about it all still xx

  • Hi , in my case after i had BFP, they didnot took any bloodtest. The pregnancy result was from testkit so i wasnt sure if i was 100% pregnant so i took another test after couple of days at home but the hospital prescribed me to continue prgestorene till my first scan which is on thursday.

    About your sharp pain. I used to have a lot of cramps pain in my adbomin for couple of days but now i am fine beside from bitter taste in my mouth x

  • Thanks - I hope your pregnancy going well xx

  • Congratulations on your positive test!

    My clinic don’t do blood tests either. I’m 11 weeks now and have never had a blood test to confirm pregnancy. I am still on meds (cyclogest pessaries & progynova) until 12 weeks but I know some people on here have been told to discontinue them after their test results.

  • Thanks - it's good to hear other people's experience are different too. I hope everything going really well for you xx

  • Congratulations on your BFP!

    My clinic doesn’t do blood tests but they agreed I could have them done through the hospital privately as I was quite worried. So I had two tests to see the levels rising which helped. I am on the pessaries up to 12 weeks, they are given on prescription by my gp after letter my clinic gave me to pass to them.

    I have had lots of niggles and pains especially around the ovary area even now and mine have gone back to normal size so could be the stretching. I also had some light brown spotting on and off since Friday but had my 7 week scan today and all looking good.

    Good luck with your pregnancy xx

  • So did you just have to pay for the bloods? My clinic say I'll be producing enough progesterone now but I just worry because everyone else seems to stay on them much longer than 2ww.

    Congrats on your scan that is brilliant xx

  • I've been told that if I get a BFP I have to pay for a prescription to continue with pessaries x

    Congrats on your pregnancy

  • DianeArnold Can I ask what do you think? Should I be on pessaries? I'm worried that my clinic don't use them past 2ww and seems quite uncommon. I need to make this little blasto stick! Thanks for any advice you can give xx

  • Hi krw345. First of congratulations on your positive result, and pleased you’ve booked your first scan to meet your little “bean”! More clinics are now cutting back on prescribing progesterone pessaries for the full 12 weeks, at it is believed that your own will take over sufficiently. Speak to them and see if they will extend your prescription, or your GP. The pains are probably just down to your womb settling down after all the pulling about you’ve been through down there. Just have a rest when you can and as long as you are not bleeding red blood you should be ok. See if your GP will do a blood beta hCG to reassure you all is well. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane xx

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