Having a meltdown

So, part of me feels bad even thinking of writing here. I got my bfp some time ago and had my 7 week viability scan on may 8th and all was ok. Monday was week 8 and I stopped my progesterone pessaries as my transfer was a fresh one and that's what the clinic advises.

Until now I've had no morning sickness. I've had just tiredness, bloatyness and tender breasts. I'm having a freak out that 1) without the pessaries the baby will just fall out. 2) because I don't have sickness there's something wrong 3) I'm having a little cramping since stopping the pessaries.

I'm going to the bathroom every 30 mins to check the baby isn't falling out :-( I'm driving myself mad. I don't have an appointment with the midwife until 24th may - so next week sometime.

Has anyone been through this? Help me... I'm going nuts!

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  • Oh Maikai 😣 This whole journey is just filled with dread! Even after good news! I can see why women keep doing tests!

    I think home pregnancy tests have shares in IVF... don't tell patients everything or explain it well... then they'll keep buying more!

    Your body won't need the pessaries now. Baby is as snug as a bug. But if I were worrying like you... I'd call the clinic and get them to explain exactly what the deal was to put your mind at ease.

    I don't even have a BFP. And I'm worried about how I needed science to get a baby so how will I cope if I stop all the drugs after?

    Call that clinic. They'd rather help you than see you panic xxxxx

  • Hi Maikai, firstly congrats on your BFP - what fantastic news! Secondly, I thought my baby would fall out for ages too, particularly after I stopped the pessaries (in my case at 12 weeks) so I completely understand that terror.

    But actually, I've been told by several medical folk since (both at my fertility private clinic and by several members of my NHS team now looking after me) that really those progesterone pessaries are an insurance policy - our bodies create progesterone as soon as we are pregnant so they just top up the levels to be on the safe side - think of them as stabiliser wheels on your pregnancy bicycle - but at 8 weeks your body will have got the hang of it and be free wheeling :-)!!

    Try not to agonise over symptoms too - it's important to look after yourself at this stage and that means being calm and getting lots of sleep.

    Best of luck to you for the next few weeks - the first 12 felt like they took FOREVER to me!


  • Absolutely been there! And it does get a little easier with time and everything going as it should. Never fully goes away until you're holding your bundle of joy!

    Try not to google everything remember for every symptom you feel there will be positive and negative results.

    Always here for you to post too.

    Good luck! Xx

  • Hi there, believe me I understand and I've been exactly the same!! I was really scared when I had to stop the pessaries (also around 8 weeks I think), but your placenta is already working now and taking over, you really don't need to worry. I was extremely anxious the first weeks , it got better after the first trimester, but i only started to really relax when i hit 20 weeks. I think it's completely normal since most of us here have been through a lot before you get pregnant, and then it's a whole different rollercoaster again!! The only advice I wouldn't give is try and relax as much as you can, look after yourself and do things you enjoy doing. Acknowledge the anxiousness but try and also focus on other things. It will get easier, it just takes some time. Wish you a healthy pregnancy !!

  • Take a gentle walk, do some deep breathing, do something you enjoy, to generate some happy hormones in your body... try and focus on your work or doing things you enjoy out of work, it'll make the time go by easier! It's gone well so far, and the further you go, the better its going!

  • Thank you everyone

  • Hi Maikai

    I just wanted to comment as My friend who had Ivf she had absolutely no sickness at all, and she is due next week!

    Everyone's body are different and you are just obv one of the lucky ones who hasn't had to suffer with the sickness, the main thing you need to be doing (as hard as it is) is trying to relax and stay calm to protect your little bean.

    you haven't got long till the 24th and I'm sure everything will be fine for you Hun.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes to you 💕Xxx

  • The cramping you're feeling is probably your uterus stretching... I too ran to the loo a lot to check! I paid for a scan at 8 weeks as I wasn't sick hardly at all!

  • Hi there, cramping is completely normal :) and I have hardly any symptoms either - not even sore boobs which everyone seems to have!! I stopped my pessaries on the day of my BFP on the advice of my clinic, so you can imagine how worrying that was for me. But I've now had my dating scan and baby is still going strong despite all my panics! I'm sure everything is fine for you too, try and keep yourself distracted and you'll probably soon get to the point where you panic that you're no longer having those cramps 😁 Best of luck xxx

  • Really appreciate everyone's replies. Midwife appointment. Next week - maternity bra bought (up 3 cup sizes) week 9 on Monday...

  • Oh Maikai, I could've written this - I'm 8w4d - apart from I have had bad nausea - now fading - but am also convinced that the baby has died. Esp because I had a MC last time. So it is reassuring to read everyone else's replies. I've googled a lot and it seems every combination or none can be expected of symptoms. I just keep thinking of everything that can possibly go wrong between now and 40 weeks and it's driving me crazy. Just to warn you that the midwife appointment can be a bit of a rollercoaster: I found it quite overwhelming doing a bit of planning - I still haven't reached 12 weeks - but on the other hand, no scan so no reassurance that it's all ok. I've booked in to have a private blood screen for Downs & other related conditions at 9w5d - less than 200 hours to go - and that includes a scan - so am treating it as a bit of a reassurance. Then, if that's all ok, the 12 week scan. Trying to break it down in to chunks of time. But still struggling to focus on work tasks :( I really hope that I do relax a little after 12 wks, then 20 wks as I'm scared that I need to handle this worrying now: either way there'll be plenty of other things to worry about down the road - so any tips you learn will be much appreciated!

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