Just a bad day

Just a rant I guess. I know the crazy hormones and stress is making me feel so negative. I had my transfer last Monday of a 5 day embryo and have had a few cramps but no bleeding. Not really had anything really and I know that can be both good and bad. Ive been impatient so far but generally ok and today I just woke up feeling negative and crap and like nothing is going right. I would've called in sick to work if I could've thought of a good excuse >__< it all started to go wrong when I drew blood with the progesterone injection in my bum this morning :( just wish I could have stayed in bed.

Sorry for that. Rant over thank you for listening. Xx

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  • Awww. I feel your pain. Was in bed most of yesterday sobbing as i felt so negative. I tested early and got a bfn and felt so low.

    Was tempted to call in sick today but glad i came in to keep busy. Please hang on in there and it will be worth it in the end.

  • I tested early even though promised myself I wouldn't so maybe that has started a lot of it. What are we like? *Hugs* thanks my dear. Hopefully come Friday I will get the news that will perk me up - and you too!! X

  • Hi Kitty - sorry you're having a rubbish day :( It's still early days and the hormones play tricks on our brain and we're happy to indulge them!

    Stay positive, stay strong, I know that's easier said than done as I remember crying myself to sleep a couple of times but you're doing so well, we have to remain as optimistic as possible! At this stage I sat down with DH and planned what we would do if it didn't work; where we would go on holiday, what foods we were going to eat, how many alcoholic beverages I thought I could consume in the first 48 hours after OTD ;) It helped me to know that we had a plan and when we would start over again if we had to and what we would do different. It might be worth doing that just so your brain has a focus, all the while knowing that your little embie could be going from strength to strength in that lovely home you've made for him :)

    Keep smiling my love, you too Sunny_skies, you're almost there :) x x x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Not long to go girls. Keep your chin up and keep the faith. Lots of luck and strength xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Aww kitty, the 2ww wait is miserable and stressful isn't it! No matter how you try and keep busy its still niggling away at the back of your mind. I've had about 3meltdowns on mine and cried lots! Everything your feeling is normal. Hope you feel a little better now xx

  • Thank you. It comes and goes doesn't it? Lol I'm feeling alright at the moment ;) xx

  • 2 ww defo the hardest part, it sends you crazy!! Not long now, hang in there you are doing great xx

  • Thanks Button. Just did another progesterone bottom injection so I'm thinking...baby you better be in there ;) lol only got to wait til Friday. Fingers crossed XXX

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