Scan update

Sorry me again but just wanted to give a little update - managed to get in for a scan with a consultant (the bereavement midwife is amazing) which showed baby hasn’t moved at all. I think deep down I knew that but they just messed my head up so much. They said if nothing happens naturally this week, I can go in again at the weekend for another lot of tablets.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support, I would honestly be lost without it 💕

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  • Aww hunnie I’m so sorry I hope things start moving soon so that you’re u can start thinking ahead.

    Thinking of you and sending love and hugs 💕xx

  • I'm so glad you were seen by a good midwife. This is hard enough and you need caring and helpful people around you right now. Xx ❤️

  • That's a wonderful news! :) I'm so happy for you. Most of us had the same opinion as you - that it can't go unnoticed just like that. I don't know it just sounds impractical in terms of science but a mother does know or feel things differently. You'll know when you're baby is safe and yet all the sign says otherwise and also the other way round. Stay well, take good care of yourself and do keep us updated. :D XOXO

  • So glad you got the reassurance you needed. Their fault they needed to correct that. Hopefully now you can get on with concentrating on what your supposed to be concentrating on. Lots of love hun. Don't be sorry either we all want to support and know what's going on 💗🤗😘

  • Thank you, It sounds strange but its given me some comfort knowing I was right and baby is still in the same place. Least I can be prepared for what’s to come xx

  • Doesn't sound strange at all you knew you were right they put doubt in your head. The scan has just reassured your mind as your very vulnerable right now. Be good to yourself hun and hopefully things will happen soon 💗🤗😘

  • Aw that’s so hard. How are you doing? Have been thinking of you xxxx

  • I feel emotionally exhausted but some relief that I’ve had the scan and know where I stand for this week xx

  • I’m not surprised. It must be incredibly difficult emotionally. I’m glad that you have some relief for this week. Xxxx

  • You have been in my thoughts, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope things move forward for you soon. So heartbreaking. Take Care x

  • Im glad to hear that you have been able to see someone that is being supportive to you! Look after yourself!xx

  • Really sorry things are taking longer for you. Very hard for you going through all this. I trust that things will start happening for you soon and then your body can begin to physically heal. Thinking about you so much at such a sad, difficult and painful time. Hugs.x

  • What is a bereavement midwife? I think I would like to have seen one of those... I’m glad someone took you seriously xx

  • She’s a trained midwife but supports women through miscarriage and still born births. She’s only been in post a year but supports you with what to expect and what you want to happen after xx

  • Sounds like a really helpful person to have around in such situations. They don’t offer that where I am xx

  • Definitely she does what’s right for each family, she wasn’t around last year but has made such a difference. It’s a shame not every hospital has similar services, hopefully one day they will xx

  • Hopefully neither of us will ever need such services again 🙏🏻 xx

  • Glad you've been treated better this time!! Things like that make a difference at times like these. Thinking of you xxx

  • So sorry to hear this. I hope you are not in pains? Keep strong and let's hope and pray baby moves naturally.

  • No, not in any pain which I guess is a good thing for now I’m sure once the pain starts that will give me a good indication that things are happening.

  • Ok.**hugs** from me.

  • I’m glad you got the scan today but so sorry this is going on so long for you. I hope you’re bearing up as best you can and trying to get some rest. You must be shattered emotionally and physically. Sending much love xxx

  • I am so sorry to read your post. Sending you a huge hug. Thinking of you.

  • Oh E_05, this is such a hard time for you - I’m glad they have a professional helping you through. Sending support to you and my thoughts xxxx

  • Oh goodness, sorry. I can’t find the words but I’m just sorry you have been going through such a prolonged difficult experience x

  • With our first IVF miscarriage, we were advised that natural should be our first option as it's meant to be easier for the body to reset itself..but different places have different opinions.

    I was worried about when everything would start and where I might be, so I spoke with my acupuncture lady and there is a point that can 'speed' things up a bit.

    I had slight/minimal spotting from the Tuesday, acupuncture on the Saturday and the main part of the miscarriage took place on the Monday.

    Nothing seems easy, but glad you've got lots of support x

  • Thank you, I may speak to my Acupuncturist then and see if she is able to help. Last year when I had a MMC the tablets worked so I think I just presumed they would again this time x

  • I am so pleased you got seen today and by someone so lovely. Have been thinking of you all day. Xx

  • ❤️💋💋

  • So sorry my lovely. Thinking of your and sending you lots of hugs 😔 xxx 💝

  • Thinking of you hun sending you all my love & hugs ❤💞xxx

  • Hi love, thinking of you and sending prayers and love. Please update us whenever convenient for you xx

  • Thank you all, still waiting at Home as nothing is happening 😔 back to the hospital tomorrow to discuss going back in at the weekend. Can’t understand if my body so desperately wanted to keep hold of baby why it couldn’t keep them alive 😢 xx

  • I’m so sorry that you are going through this cruel thing. Wishing you all the luck and good vibes that you need to get through this.

  • Morning E_05. Is your hospital appointment today? I really hope things start to move forward soon; I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. Thanks for your support last night even though you're going through such a hard time. Xx

  • Aw that’s okay, we’re all here to support each other. Hope your feeling a bit better this morning. Yeah it’s the afternoon and EPC have just told me that they won’t accept the scan I had on Monday so want to rescan me, they really don’t care about how this is affecting me 😩 xx

  • Just read this what on earth is going on you really need to keep a log of all this what's going on if you don't have the energy you've written it all down here and when you've got it in you. Complain to pals with the log and tell them this isn't good enough. I'm sending you hgs and lots of love hun. I'm so sorry your going through this much stress it's unbelievable 💗💗🤗😘

  • Thank you - your right when I’ve got the strength I definitely will put in a complaint. They said the bereavement midwife shouldn’t of organised a scan herself as they have ‘protocols in place’ she then told them that my emotional well-being is my important than any protocol and that’s why I was scanned but she hasn’t got any say over them refusing to take the scan from Monday. Thank goodness she know what she’s doing though xx

  • Bloody hell. I'm glad on your behalf she did the scan. You needed that for your own sanity.

    These hospital lot are literally taking the mick. Seriously they have not treated you right at all. Bloody protocol I'd love to tell them what to do with protocol. You take care hun and hope today goes as smoothly as possible without them messing up even more. 💗🤗😘

  • I'm sorry you're being messed around like this. Let us know how you get on xx

  • Oh dear . I'm so so sorry that Uve to go through this . It's d most agonising thing in d world . U want to see those 2 lines and now u want them to b out ur body . Be strong my dear . Ull get there 😘😘

  • Thank you x

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