12 week scan update (Scan photo)

12 week scan update (Scan photo)

Today was our 12 week scan. For those who don't know my story, we had 3 failed ivfs, low amh, poor response and were on the waiting list for donor eggs. Then, somehow, we managed to get our first ever natural bfp after nearly 4 years of trying. Still sinking in but so so happy. To all of you out there with repeated failed cycles, who feel like it is never going to work, I hope my story can give you hope and belief it can happen. And when your told your eggs are no good, they can still throw up a surprise! I was truly at the point that I though my body just didn't know how to get pregnant, and had lost hope it would ever happen.

I won't be posting for a while so just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here for their support. It helps so much when people in the real world can't understand the pain infertility brings. I will, of course still respond to posts when I feel I have something valuable to offer. And keep routing for everyone on here, hoping you all reach your dream one way or another.

Best wishes and baby dust to all


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  • Ahhhh this us amazing!!πŸ’•πŸ’•Gives me so much hope! Congratulations & wishing you all the very best!!xx

  • Thank you. You can definitely have Hope! Hope you have success in the future too xx

  • Love your story and indeed brings hope. Soooooooo happy for you.looking back now can you think of anything that made the difference after years of trying? Xx

  • Honestly, nothing majorly different. Our failed cycle was only 2 months before we conceived. I wondered if the steroids I had for high killer cells were still in my system. My hubby has been on proxceed for a while. Don't know if either if those made a difference. Lifestyle wise - probably the worst its been as had given up! I'd drunk a bit, ate rubbish, weight was up! So hard to know why. This process is so hard because you never really get any definite answers or reason. Best wishes for your next cycle xx

  • Thanks hun and best wishes for your pregnancy. ..hope I can share a story like urs soon xxx

  • Absolutely wonderful, so happy for you! Beautiful scan picture too 😍 🌹xx

  • Thank you. Love our pics! Feeling a bit more real!

  • So happy for you and wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you. Hope your 2ww is going quickly for you. Will keep fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thank you Anna - very kind of you xx

  • Amazing! Thank you for sharing xx

  • Thank you. Hope you are doing ok - your posts show so much strength and support of others. Wishing you better things going forward xx

  • That's really nice of you, thank you xx

  • Wow congratulations what a lovely story xx

  • Thank you. I hope your adoption journey is progressing well and you get to be a mum very soon xx

  • Thank you that's so kind. Its going slowly but hopefully we ll get there. Hope you have a great pregnancy xx

  • Fabulous! I've just read this to my husband, as I was just freaking out about our own journey!!! Thank you for sharing, and congratulations! Xxx

  • Thank you. I'm sorry to read your story and the tough few weeks you've had. Looks like your ready to go again and think you have every reason to be optimistic. Sending good luck and hugs your way xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Beautiful xx

  • Thank you. Hope your bfp news is sinking in and not too long til your scan xx

  • Still struggling to believe it's true. Waiting for that scan xx

  • I'm still struggling to believe it's true after this Scan! Feels so unreal after so long, doesn't it? X

  • Yes! And I worry for more heartache. But you're right about it being unreal x

  • How lovely and what a sweet message. Wishing you all the best for your very exciting future ahead. x

  • Thank you. Good luck for your cycle. Hope all goes well. I'll keep everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you. Still waiting for af to arrive. Going to have to postpone my baseline scan appointment on Wednesday. Just going with the flow I guess. x

  • How wonderful, congratulations and best wishes for the future ❀️ x x x

  • Thank you. Hope your 2ww isn't going to slowly. Good luck for otd xx

  • Awww beautiful Anna; so happy for you ❀️ Take good care of yourself x

  • Thank you. Hope you are recovering and finding a way to move forward. Best wishes for what ever path you take next xx

  • Thank you love; I do feel better xx

  • Congratulations ... I had a friend in almost exactly your situation. 3 failed IVFs, ttc for 13 years, and then 2 months after her last failed cycle she became pregnant naturally! Beautiful

    Healthy baby boy.

    Similarly another friend who had unexplained fertility was successful on her first IVF... And then 3 years later naturally pregnant with her second.

    In both cases the ladies had 'given up' on conceiving naturally- I truly believe when you 'let go' your body can sometimes naturally respond- often the stress of ttc and IVF can hinder any success- as difficult as it is.

    And also the drugs of IVF can sometimes take a while to leave our systems/kick our own bodies into gear.

    Whatever the reasons... I hope everyone has some good news lying ahead!

  • I've heard stories like this before, but never imagined I would be one of them. I feel so lucky. Just wish that magic button could be pressed for everyone on here instead of having to go through so much heartache. Hope your egg collection went well - I saw you posted you had lots of follicles. Hope you get some lovely embryos from that great haul xx

  • Oh wow thank you- I didn't realise how attentive everyone is on here!. Yes EC went very well- 25 eggs... And 15 fertilised.

    I think I'm now getting some Ovarian hyper stimulation... But after years of no ovulation I don't think I can quite complain! ☺️

  • Congratulations on your little miracle βœ¨πŸ’«

  • Thank you. And congratulations on your 2 little miracles! Xx

  • Amazing πŸ˜πŸ’— xx

  • Thank you. Am so sorry to hear your news. You must be so drained. Hope you are finding a way to pick yourself up and move forward. Best wishes for the future xx

  • 😘😘❀️

  • Congratulations - so nice to see & hear a good outcome. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx

  • Thank you. Hope your cycle continues to go well and you get a good outcome too. Best wishes xx

  • Thank you for your kind words. I wish you all the very best & good luck for the next 6 months xxx

  • Wow what an amazing story ❀ thank you so much for sharing. Gives me hope. All the best for a great pregnancy xx

  • Thank you. Good luck for your transfer today. Hope all goes smoothly xx

  • Awww, this is beautiful, just what I need to strengthen my hope. Congratulations xxx

  • Thank you. Good luck and best wishes for your next cycle. Hope you have a better outcome xx

  • Lovely story to read and gives us all hope, scan looks amazing, wishing you all the best throughout your pregnancy πŸ€β­οΈπŸ€ xx

  • Thank you. Good luck and best wishes for your upcoming cycle. Hope it all goes well for you xx

  • Thank you xx

  • This is lovely πŸ˜ƒ Massive congratulations. Wishing you lots of luck for the remainder of your pregnancy.


  • Thank you. Hope you are making progress with your bmi and you can start the ball rolling soon. Good luck going forwards xx

  • Lovely hopeful joyous post!! Thanks Hun and wishing u happy healthy pregnancy xxx

  • Thank you. I think your otd is today? Hope it brings you that positive result. Thinking of you today x

  • Are you born on9th of August? If so this is feaky :) I am also born on that day and my name is Anna but I live in Switzerland:) I have also had 3 transfers and got a negative HPt today :( your story gives me hope so 😊 thank you! Good luck with your pregnancy and hopefully I will get to get my positive soon xx

  • Not my birthday, but my wedding anniversary! You can definitely still have Hope! It can feel so hopeless after so many bfn's and cycles, without knowing what's going wrong. But it can and does happen after repeated failures. Their have been many success stories in similar situations. Hope you get your positive soon. Best wishes xx

  • Congratulations xx

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