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2nd scan update

We had the 2nd scan this morning but it only confirmed what the consultant told us last week. They could see the embryo this time however they think it must have stopped growing around 5 weeks.

They went through our options. I chose to have medical management. I'm just waiting for the tablets to take over.

Nothing really prepares you for losing your baby that you have tried so hard to get in the 1st place. When i got my 1st bfp i felt a sudden rush of love and pride. I thought we had finally cracked it.

Love to you all

Lynsay xx

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So sorry Lynsay! Thinking of you both!xx


I'm really sorry Lynsay sending you great big hugs. I hope that it's all over quickly for you. This journey really is horrible sometimes. We had a missed miscarriage at 5 weeks a couple of months ago and I had medical management. It seems so cruel to go through everything we go through to get a BFP for it to end suddenly. Take care of yourself and allow yourself time to grieve ❤️ Xxxxxx


I am so very sorry for your loss Lynsay.

It's so heartbreaking to go from that intense burst of love, relief and pride to the cruel place you find yourself today.

We lost ours at 6w6d last October so understand how difficult this time can be.

Sending you love, strength, a big hug and hope for tomorrow xxx


Thinking of you. Take time to grieve for your baby. Sending much love x


So sorry to read this Lynsay, your right it’s so cruel has quickly our love and dreams are snatched away after getting a BFP. I hope things happen soon for you and your able to grieve for your little one xx


I’m so sorry to hear this. Take good care of yourselves, it’s such a hard journey isn’t it.


I’m sorry to be reading this lots of love xx


So very sorry for your loss. Sending you love at this difficult time x


I’m so sad for you. 😢

Please know that you are not alone. Many of us on here have experienced similar and we can empathise.

It’s just rubbish isn’t it?


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