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Hi ladies, my DH and I are away on holiday and I've just woken up feeling like I had wet myself. Went to the loo and I had had a large gush of pinky blood. Had soaked through my pjs sorry if TMI. I am 7 weeks today and freaking out. I have no cramping but feel sick with worry.

Planning on calling my until when they open.

Can anyone offer any advice/support. Thank you xxx

19 Replies

I had the exact same at the same time, lots of worry and scans and 3 weeks of bleeding and everything was ok I am now 23 weeks. Try and take it easy and test when you can xxx

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Hi I had exactly the same at 9wks 2d....no cramps but this large gush that was over in a few minutes. Had a private scan 2 days later and all was fine....I'm now 19wks tomorrow! We never did find out what caused it but I've had no issues (touch wood) since. If you've no cramps I'm sure all is ok xxx

I had this twice when I was six weeks and had lots of scans which showed the bleed but they weren’t sure why it happened. Now I’m 22 weeks x

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Hope everything is ok. Have read that it happens and is usually nothing to worry about xxx

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Hi I had bleeding all way through from 7 week till 12 weeks. They said it was implantation. I had no pain and dark blood and sometimes pinky red. Had scans and all was well. Am 19 weeks tomorrow xxx

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Thanks everyone. I phoned NHS 24 as we are on holiday and they sent us to A&E. Now sitting in the emergency pregnancy unit waiting to be seen. Will find out soon what has happened. Thanks for all of your support and positive stories, I really appreciate it. xxx

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Not long out of the amazing unit at Ipswich Hosp. Had a scan and baby's heartbeat was bearing away and looked fine 😍! I do however have quite a few clots and my follicles are collapsing so that is what they think is causing the bleeding. My ovaries are still very enlarged. The lovely nurse said I will probably bleed again but I know what to do if it happens again. I have an appointment at my own clinic anyway next week. Thanks for all of your support. xxx

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Tugsgirl in reply to N_M_10

Great news. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your holiday now xx

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N_M_10 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks Tugs. 😘 xx

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Aleelilook in reply to N_M_10

Pleased all is good! Xx

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Oakey80 in reply to N_M_10

Wow ur so lucky! When it happened to me 111 sent me to a&e...I sat there for 3hrs before I was seen. Only for them to tell me there was nothing they could do as it was the weekend! They said they'd get someone to call me Monday morning...that was 10wks ago...still waiting for that call. That's why we paid for a private scan! Glad all is ok xxx

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N_M_10 in reply to Oakey80

Goodness that is awful! I know how lucky we are to have been seen. Wonder if maybe if it was because we weren't from the area. xxx

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Glad all is well xxx

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lorraineb61 in reply to N_M_10

That's great news, hopefully very reassuring to you. Try & enjoy the rest of your holiday x

Just read this so glad everything is ok xxx

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Such a relief :-) enjoy the rest of your holiday xxx

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Glad your okay lovely x

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Hello to you dear. I hope you're enjoying your vacation... Well you probably aren't but try to do so. What happened to you is really scary, I assume. I can't expect someone in your position just to ignore what happened and move on. At least do your best not to overthink while in vacations. I have red it somewhere that during the first tirmester bleeding is somewhat normal. That and I have seen it happen to some friend and everything turned out fine for them. Hopefully just like it will for you. I don't remember what the cause was, but I do remember it being "somewhat normal". However once your vacation is over do go to the doctors. They will be able to tell for sure whether there is or isn't an issue! I really hope there ain't one. I hope you found this helpful! May god bless you with happiness and a healthy child. Lot's of love dear xxxx

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So glad all is well, plenty of rest for you today I hope! Xx

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