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I had Egg collection on Friday, got 13 eggs (was told 12 and then they told me they got an extra one when they washed them), really happy about that. Got a call on Saturday morning, 9 had fertilised, again really happy. They are calling me tomorrow morning and for some reason I am like nervous abou this call than the first one, cant stop thinking about it. Really hoping for good news.

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Sounds great! We also got 9 fertilised following our egg collection on Friday. I am totally with you. I find waiting for these calls so difficult. I am a nervous wreck tonight! Hoping for good news for both of us tomorrow! 🤞 xx

Thank u for ur message. I wish u all the luck tomorrow too, be a sleepless night for us xx

Good luck for the call tomorrow xx

Cheeky_84 in reply to Core

Thank u very much xx

😁🤣 I am on the same stupid boat 🚣‍♀️ with all of you, waiting for the email tomorrow! I will refresh my inbox every second 🤪

I am not nervous now and I am trying to stay positive.

I am always saying “ positivity attracts positiveness”

🤞for you tomorrow!

Picalilli99 in reply to Ranchu90

Lots of luck for tomorrow xxx

Thank u, and u 2 xxx

I am also waiting for that call today only got 4 that fertilised it’s very stressful waiting

Wishing you all good luck x

wishing you lots of luck and positive vibes your way xxx I’m in the same boat not heard from my clinic since Friday and booked in for transfer this morning so as long as I don’t hear anything today fingers crossed we have something to transfer xxxx ❤️ Hang in there and remember you deserve this!

Hi fingers crossed for u 🥰🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼try stay positive 😘 It’s such a stressful time I’m with you on this my stress levels are pretty high atm 🙈 I’m booked in for ET tomorrow not heard anything from clinic since Friday praying it’s stays that way till I go tomorrow 🙏🙏🙏 sending positive vibes to everyone at similar stages right now 😊 xxx

Its such a tough process but you got this!

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