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I’m 8 weeks 2days and have no more symptoms for 2 days now all private scan places closed so can’t put my mind at rest 😔

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This happend to me! I had next to no symptoms anyway (sore boobs on & off, feeling tired) but thats it. Since about 8 weeks ive had NOTHING AT ALL. No sore boobs in over a week, i even think they’re shrinking 🙈 I had a scan on Sunday at 9 weeks 2 days and all was fine.

I’m sure you’re absolutely fine! How far is the closest private scan place? Would you mind driving out a little further? xx

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Pinkpaw2 in reply to Sunshine92

Everywhere local to me are shut , and further out no appointments available till end of next week

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Melaineh in reply to Sunshine92

Did u get good scan pic for Over 9 weeks just wondering as that how far I am xx

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Pinkpaw2 in reply to Melaineh

I had a 7 week and 5 day scan everything was fine I had morning sickness and sore boobs but the past 2 days nothin x

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Melaineh in reply to Pinkpaw2

I have been same some days sicky and feel pregnant then others just normal . 🤞🏻 Am sure we will be fine but hard to switch off xx

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Hope ur okay am struggling too am just over 9 weeks and 3 weeks to wait for scan as all private around me are closed too . Every little things making me worry 😢 xx

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Pinkpaw2 in reply to Melaineh

It’s horrible isn’t it not knowing if everything ok I just want to be able to check to put mind at rest , but I suppose no cramping or bleeding is a good sign xx

Try not to worry, all of my symptoms stopped around 9 weeks and havent came back, everything was fine at private scan at 11 weeks. Which area are you in?xx

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I’m like Sunshine92 and had literally no symptoms since the start. I had an early scan last week and we saw a heartbeat although measuring a few days smaller and tomorrow I have my main clinic scan and I’m petrified where I just haven’t had symptoms. Also hoping baby has grown and still not behind. It’s so hard not to worry especially with the emotional and traumatic journey to get here. Sending love xxx

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My symptoms have been very up and down too. Try not to worry.

I’ve started with brown spotting this morning so going out of my mind a bit right now and not sure what to do. Everything I’m reading up online says it’s normal and nothing to worry about. I’ve not had any spotting at all up until today. Seems strange to get it at nearly 9 weeks!

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Hi Pinkpaw2, I was so anxious the first 12 weeks we bought a doppler. I know medical professionals all advise against it but for us it was the only thing that set our minds at ease when we could heard the heartbeat. Hope you get a scan soon. Sending you some calm and good vibes x

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Waitingforthebean in reply to Kaylon

Hi Kaylon

At what week did you start to use the Doppler?

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Kaylon in reply to Waitingforthebean

I think it was from week 13 or so. It was still quite early and it took us a while to find the heartbeat but we managed to find it quite low down near my pubic bone on the left. We used it a few times and then paid for a private scan at 16 weeks just for reassurance and found out the gender as well x

Hey PinkPaw, I’m 8w 1 day and for the last 2 days I have felt like my symptoms have all but disappeared and I’m getting a little worried.I've also had some cramping yesterday and today so adding to my worry. I had a scan at the clinic last Friday at 7w 2days and all looked good and morning sickness was quite bad on Monday but nothing since. Luckily the private scan clinics near me are open and I have a scan Saturday so fingers crossed all will be ok. I think we have to not think too much into this and just know that symptoms fluctuate and that this is normal and expected. Could you not call your midwife and get some guidance from her? All the best and fingers crossed all will be fine which I am sure it will be x

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Hi, not sure where in ghe Midlands you are but nugen in Brownhills is open.

With symptoms they can come and go, when I was 10 weeks pregnant my symptoms stopped for a couple of days and I had felt sick 24/7 booked a scan as we were worried but my lo was absolutely fine and measuring a few days ahead. Celebrated with a chippy on way home as first time in weeks I had an appetite and symptoms were back with a vengeance that night lol chips were not a good idea 🤢.

Your symptoms will change throughout and lots of aches, pains and niggles along the way with all that stretching and growing going on in there.

All the best and hope you manage to get a scan to put your mind at rest.

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Hi! Hopefully it helps a little but I had no symptoms, still have no obvious symptoms and just had a successful scan at 14 weeks. I have a bit of insomnia but never had any morning sickness, or spotting, and my boobs are slightly bigger ( but that's probably due to the creme eggs!). They dont hurt...

Hope you manage to get a private scan soon as I totally understand that it's the only thing that puts your mind at rest


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Still waiting for midwife to call x

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If it's any consolation I went through exactly the same panic when my symptoms disappeared for a few days. But everything was fine. Symptoms come and go. I know that you will still worry but please try to stay calm. Book a private scan when you get a chance. It's worth it to put your mind at ease. Best of luck hun ❤

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Thanks girls xx

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