Hi everyone, im really worried. I had my fet on weds and ever since then i have been having cramping off and on every day. No other symptoms except some nausea off and on and feeling tired. Im just worried the cramping is things going wrong as i dont think i have had this before after previous implantations. Trying not to stress but its really hard when i have no way of knowing whats going on. Keeping as positive as possible but now and again just get this thought of doubt. Good luck to everyone going through treatment and their 2ww. Fingers crossed for everyone xx

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  • Cramping twinges and period pains are all normal it can be stretching and implantation... x I also got lower back k ache too 

    Good luck sounds positive x 

  • Thank you samrakkar. I appreciate the reassurance. I hope it is this time. It would make our year like you wouldn't believe xx

  • For me the cramps and twinges were now and again over a couple of days. Just rest up.  Just think these pains and twinges should be a sign that's something is going on in  there... as if there wasn't you wouldn't feel anything xxx 

  • I was worried it was my uterus reacting to our embryo in a bad way. The cramps have just got stronger all of a sudden. Resting up till they pass then will cook tea. I do feel better after hearing that if there was nothing there, there wouldnt be any pain xx

  • I was the same had lots of cramps and twinges. It's not easy but try not to over analyse everything. Good luck X 

  • Thank you lhow81. I think after the bfn we have had when you get something like this it just plays on your mind xx

  • I understand had 3 BFN ourselves now on a BFP! 

  • Its daunting after 3 bfn. You just keep expecting the same each time.  Congratulations. How many weeks are you? Hope everything is going well for you xx

  • 9 weeks now it's going ok had some worried at the start with some spotting. Finally starting to worry less about every little twinge x

  • Its a nerve racking time. Im keeping everything crossed that everything is ok for you. Once you get passed 12 weeks hopefully you can relax a bit more then xx

  • Hey lovey

    I had the same on my 2ww no nausea though I was sure it was all over but God allowed me a miricale and we are currently pregnant.  So stay hydrated, take walks, laugh a lot and try to stay positive it could be implantation....

    If you think this 2ww is crazy wait for the scan 2ww it's the worst ever.

    Fingers corseted for you 

  • Thank you tamtam1. Congratulations. How many weeks are you? I hope you are feeling well and everything is going great for you. Im trying to keep positive but its harder some days more than others. We have booked for nights away today so hopefully that will help.  Did the cramping last the full 2 wks for you? Good luck with everything xx

  • Hey honey

    I al only 5w 3 days and worried but keeping positive scan booked for the 30th here hoping all is well x

  • Im sure you will be fine. Keeping everything crossed for you. The 30th will be here before you know it. Take care and look after yourself xx

  • Hi Sam, I had cramping on and off for most of the 2ww and was convinced that it had failed. However it must have been implantation as I'm 26 weeks pregnant today. Stay positive and rest up. Good luck xxx

  • Congratulations murph82. Hope you and your little one are both doing well.  Its so nice to hear some success stories. Did you too have some strong cramps now and again ? Im trying to keep positive. Thank you xx

  • Thank you, baby is doing fine so far. The worry never ends though. The IVF journey is such a difficult one. I wish women who have kids easily knew how lucky they were. Yeah I had terrible cramps and period pains throughout the 2ww. They felt so similar to period pains that I was convinced I was coming on every time I went the toilet. The constant knicker checking drives you mad and constantly thinking 'what if'. I tried my best to relax by having acupuncture and I ate loads of pineapple as someone had said it helps with implantation! Ha, the things we do. Stay strong, enjoy time with your other half and try to relax! We went out for some nice meals and the cinema, anything to take our minds off things. I'm keeping everything crossed for you x

  • Im glad your little one is doing well. I can imagine how hard it is still after getting your bfp. I just know how excited and ecstatic my husband and i will be if we get it. To finally get our family would be the best thing in the world. People font appreciate how hard ivf is until they go through it and if they are lucky enough not to have to it just gets taken for granted. We are going to enjoy our time together, cinema tomorrow and then away for a few days after that with an indian head massage included. Thank you, im keeping everything crossed to xx

  • Just be careful as there are a lot of treatments you shouldn't have if you are pregnant not sure if an Indian head massage is included in that list x 

  • Thank you. I will be triple checking don't worry. I'm not doing anything to cause any problems trust me! ! Xx

  • Your bound to worry and that's totally normal people feel things in different ways and have different bodies so hopefully you can keep trying to relax. Good luck xx 

  • Im going to do my best trust me. My embryo is the most important thing to us both xx

  • Yes I had that it was quite sudden and painful but assume at this stage everything - sore boobs, tiredness and cramps are the progesterone. It's so cruel these symptoms are so akin to early pregnancy. 

    Try to keep active good for the blood flow! All the best x

  • Thank you xx

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