So we are a close small team at work and there are two people pregnant and it's literally all they talk about and everyone else as well I can't get through an hour without it being mentioned and I'm happy for them of course but I'm worried it's turning me into a bitter person cos I'm getting angry and upset more and more about it and then I feel guilty cos there are people going through much worse than I am

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  • I am in a very similar situation at the moment at work and as much as I am happy for them, it is the only topic of conversation which makes it impossible for me to distract my mind from the fact that I'm not getting pregnant! I've kept my struggle very private so maybe if I was more open things would be different...

  • JB2304 You can keep trying but never give up. If your are getting any treatment done then I would suggest you to please take it easy and relax as much as you can😊 try to keep yourself happy😀 soon we will hear a good news from you 😘

  • Thank you, I'm trying very hard to relax and remain positive. We are currently waiting for our first appointment at the fertility clinic. I think once we have spoken to someone and actually know what we are dealing with things will be a lot less stressful. Best wishes to you also 😊

  • Don't stress and start eating healthier food and keep your weight under control. For the first cycle of the treatment it's a little long time but don't stress. They will examine your follicles and then they will start the treatment where you might need to take some medicines and maybe injections as well 😊 I hope to hear a good news from you soon

  • I can totally sympathise with you! I’ve had to put up with this for 7years, you do build a thicker skin but the pain is always there! I just try to zone out of the conversations by putting in ear phones and listening to music or pretending I am really busy so I don’t have to get involved in the conversations. They will be off soon and you will get your peace and quiet again however in the meantime wishing you all the best ✨ xx

  • Hi Hands2015. Oh it's a horrible situation. Just got to try and let it go over your head, and be careful who you spend time with after work. Just wanted to wish you well with whatever treatment you are going through. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you all this is really helpful and I'm glad I decided to post something x x

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