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First scan after starting stims

Went to the clinic this morning 10:00am. Our consultant did the scan, but he wasn't happy as my follicles were very small. He suggested using one dose of 1.5ml of Zomacton, which is a growth hormone. He mentioned that the side effects were severe headaches. Has anyone else been prescribed this drug alongside merional and ovaleap?

I have 4 follicles on my right and 6 follicles on the left ovary and are tiny. Big let down for me as I have done everything perfectly...I know, I know nothing I can do given that I am geriatric for IVF!!! Just getting frustrated, upset and tired of trying to get something right for a change!

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No advice on the drugs but, as another geriatric, I just wanted to say hang on in there! You'll get there - just taking a bit of additional time. It'll be worth the wait once they're ready! The number of follicles is good as well! xx


Thanks loopielou. Just feel disappointed in myself....expected more from my body.


I think we all expect a huge amount of ourselves. Way too much in fact. Don't be too hard on yourself - you're doing great! 😘


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