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Evening Ladies, quick question. I've had four Gonal F injections in the last 2 days and feel absolutely nothing. I am trying to think back if last time on Menopur I felt anything... first cycle I had 13 eggs and felt bloated and heavy etc. Last cycle I only got 5 and felt nothing. For people using Gonal F did you feel anything and when?

Thanks x

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  • I didn't feel anything until the last 3-4 days and then only slightly heavy.

  • Hi, simialr to Filmgirl101 :-) I didn't feel anything while taking gonal f last week... towards the end my ovaries started to feel a bit delicate and I could tell something was going on, but I had no other symptoms at all. Best of luck with everything! X

  • I didn't feel anything until after the 1st scan and then I felt really heavy!! Before that I felt nothing, so much so that I was moving furniture until my body shouted at me to stop!!! Don't worry - you will be feeling things soon enough! Good luck x

  • Thanks ladies x

  • I used Gonal F and honestly feeling nothing, at each scan I was peranoid nothing was going to have happened.

    I can honestly say even come EC day I still felt fine? I never once felt bloated or uncomfortable or anything.

    They got 19 eggs so the Gonal F was quite clearly doing its job, I just couldn't feel it? lol xxx

  • I like the thought of getting 19 eggs. Friday is my first scan so time will tell. I can't get over how much easier the injections are using Gonal F.


  • Good luck for Friday πŸ™‚ Xxx

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