Feeling positive again

So after being told to stop treatment last Wednesday you can imagine how I was feeling, completely heart broken. I wasn't due my period until the end of this month but strangely yesterday it came, I spoke with the clinic this morning and have to go for a base scan tomorrow morning so hopefully they will be starting me on gonal F again this week. They have said about not using the spray this cycle tho. Has anyone else been on just gonal f?

😊 x

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  • Hi Rach_87. Probably switching you over to a short protocol from the long one. Have a chat with the clinic so that you know what they are doing. I'm sure they will look after you, and let's hope all goes well. Diane

  • Thank you for your reply Diane :) I have to go to the clinic in the morning so I'm kind of excited to get speaking with them about what happens now. I just hope this is not a withdrawal bleed and I can start treatment again x

  • Hi Rach_87. Just hoping that all went well for you yesterday. Diane

  • Hi Diane :) everything went well so started injections again last night :) the clinic are hoping things will go better this time without the spray. Thank you for your message x

  • Hi rach,

    This sounds v similar to what's happening with me at the moment . I too last Wednesday was told to stop treatment ,was on longbprotocol started using suprecur nasal spray but at my scans last week on Monday & wed they said that my lining was getting thicker instead of thinner ! They sent me for blood test which confirmed I had down regulated so the spray had worked but they need to work out why my lining thick.

    So they said next time they will put me on short protocol so I would go straight to injections and not have to use nasal spray to down regulate . ( glad cos that nasal spray made me feel awful)

    As it stands at the moment , Ive been ref for a hysteroscopy to find out why my lining still thick.


  • Hi Aimaim77, this does sound familiar, although I'm the opposite my lining didn't thicken at all for

    2 cycles, they have said that most woman just have a funny cycle and are hoping this is what has happened in my case. I really hope this is the cycle that things start happening because I am totally drained physically and emotionally (as im sure you are). Aww I hope things start moving quickly got you :) I am feeling pretty lucky as I wasn't expecting to re start treatment until the end of this month. x

  • Just as a bit of hope I had a cancelled cycle started again next period and fell! Our ivf miracle is 3 weeks old and running us ragged! Keep going, good luck xx

  • Hi EllieD thank you for your reply, I am so happy for you and glad you finally got your little miracle :-) it gives us all hope hearing stories like this :) thank you I don't Intend on giving up yet xx

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