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Devastated & still brown spotting


So IVF #1 (short protocol) is over and it didn't work. Devastated. I have been brown spotting since Tuesday and it still hasn't turned into a proper period. I read somewhere the pessaries might be causing a delay though? I actually have been getting brown spotting before af in some but not all months since last august which I find very odd.

As for the ivf outcome I am feeling really sad. It wasn't a great cycle all round, follicles were slow to grow despite being on the highest dose of stimms from day 1, then when I had 2 follies big enough they gave me the trigger & booked me in for ec on the Friday as they don't have an anaesthetist working over the weekend (even though I had 4 more smaller follicles that were catching up but not quite 17mm yet). I can't help but think if they had waited a few more days I might have had a few more & the nurse didn't disagree as the biggest one was only 19mm so she thought a few more days of stimms might have been helpful. Anyway, I only got 3 follies, 2 of which contained a mature egg. The dr who did my ec said she got no follies from the right ovary as one had turned into a cyst. I have had an ovarian cyst on that side once before 3 yrs ago & she said she could tell by looking at the ovary it had been operated on before & it's likely affected my egg reserve on that side as ops on ovaries normally do. Why nobody has told me this in 3 years through all the consultations I will never know. Anyway, do you ladies agree it sounds like my unexplained fertility is now explained by low ovarian reserve? My amh is only 3.1 and that coupled with my poor response to stimms seems to explain a lot . I did however get one top grade embie for transfer on day 3 but sadly it didn't work so maybe there's a quality or implantation issue too?! That was our only ivf try so now I am going to start on all the egg quality supplements and hope for a natural miracle one day. I loved seeing one of those yesterday!! . All suggestions welcome, congrats to everyone who it has worked for & to everyone in the same boat as me, we live in hope xx

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Really sorry to hear the outcome. Sounds like they might have took you in a bit too early if the biggest follicle was only 19mm and you had 4 others that could have caught up. During my EC they found an endometrioma that hadn't been spotted on the scans. They had to drain it and give me antibiotics. I want aware I had it. So I think you might be on to something about low ovarian reserve as I have a low AMH. Look after yourself and I wish you all the luck for the future xxx

So so sorry to hear your cycle hasn't been a success. I am in a very similar boat to you and based on your username probably attending the same clinic. I am currently going through my first ICSI cycle and at my protocol appt the nurse told me my AMH is 4.7 which I was shocked and really upset about - I had surgery in April for an ectopic which was very near my left ovary so I also wonder if that has affected my reserves. I am doing the long protocol 9 (375 Gonal F and 75 Luveris) - I wonder why we are both on different protocols given our AMH levels are fairly similar? Can I ask why they are only offering you one cycle on the NHS?

I totally understand why you are feeling annoyed and upset - take all the time you need to grieve and come to terms with the outcome. I assume you will be offered a follow up consultation to discuss everything?

Sending you lots of strength - I'll keep you in my thoughts today. Xx

BFNs are hard. You did everything you could xx

I'm so sorry to read this, I also just recently had my first bfn and it's so so hard!! 💔 look after yourself and hopefully your follow up app'mnt might help shed some light and provide some suggestions for going forward!! Wishing you the very best!! xx

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