All set for EC friday πŸ‘πŸ˜€

Hi everyone πŸ˜ƒ

Had my last scan, lining is 10mm and I've got 22 follicles in total with 7 looking a good size to have a mature egg so I'm all set for EC on friday eeeeeek

Just read the admissions info and it says no gel nails which I totally forgot about so I'm off to get that taken off, I dont mind no make up but I'll feel naked with no nails on haha

Feeling positive as this time last cycle we had to do an extra 3 days stimms and also i know the EC procedure isnt scary and ypi get good sedation drugs πŸ˜› xx

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  • Hi jojo_1984! I had my final scan today 30 follicles with EC on Friday too 😁 Nice to be in the similar situation as someone else! Good luck!!! Xx

  • Oh fab it will be nice to have someone at the same stage to share the jorney with πŸ˜ƒ did they tell you how many looked big enough for a mature egg to be in the follicle? The consultant said my big ones are supressing the smaller ones, big bullies lol xx

  • No they didn't? Should they have done? I know quite a few of mine were over 20mm? And only a few were under 10mm? And the rest were inbetween. It's exciting isn't it all off a sudden it's just come around!!!!

    Have my pregnancy blood test form for 26th Feb - I am going to try my hardest to hold out until then! 😊 X

  • I don't think it's necessary to know especially when you have that many πŸ˜ƒ they're bound to get plenty of eggs. My OTD should be the 26th too, last time I tested early but my DH has made me promise to wait this time xx

  • That sounds really positive. Good luck for your egg collection xxx

  • Good luck for tmrw Jojo_1984!! Will be thinking of you! :) xx

  • Thanks so much πŸ’– how many of your lovely eggs fertilised? I bought some new pjs to put on tomorrow when i get home 😊 and will send my DH for food while I'm in. How do you feel today?xx

  • I got 17 out of 25 of my eggs fertilised today which I am so pleased about. I've been booked for Embryo transfer next Monday which means my transfer will be done on day 5 at the blastocyst stage. Hopefully a good number of the embryos will make it till then so we can freeze some too! Fingers crossed! :)

    Today I was still a bit sore from EC and therefore had to take it easy. Slowly getting back to normal though and looking forward to a nice weekend before ET! :p Have a good rest before the big day tmrw! x

  • Thats really good they should have plenty to freeze too hopefully. I got 6 eggs so just the dreaded wait for the call tomorrow morning to find ouy how many fertilised 😬

    When is your OTD?xx

  • Hi JoJo_1984. Just hoping all goes/has gone well today with your egg collection, and of course for fertilisation. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, egg collection done and dusted we got 6 eggs πŸ˜ƒ xx

  • Hi JoJo_1984. Oh well done you! Fertilisation next step, so keep the good work going! Diane

  • Fingers and toes crossed!!! Yes I'm hoping to have a few to freeze... but you never know... so as long as we get one healthy one for transfer on Monday I will be pleased :)

    How are u feeling after EC? Best to just relax now!

    How do you calculate OTD? Nobody actually told me when it'd be...

  • Wish it was tomorrow morning already, cant wait for the call to find out how many have made it!! I'm feeling fine thanks just a bit sore. My DH is working from home so he's looking after me well 😊

    My clinic have OTD as 2 weeks from EC so mine will be 26th Feb xx

  • So this means mine will be on the 22nd Feb. Ohh!! So exciting! :) You take it easy in your new Pjs! ;) xx

  • Thanks, you too πŸ’– some clinics do a blood test on OTD and some get you to do a test at home xx

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