Advice on left ovary 😬

So on day 10 in stimms!!

Today I have 6 follicles from right and only 1 from the left all measuring 13-16.....think I have a lazy left ovary as last cycle I didn't have any follicles last time on the left ? Has anyone else had this?

Glad I have a few more follicles this time round as only had 4 the last time 😬

Going in tomorrow for ultrasound and think they will decide if it's mon/tues for egg retrieval.

Got told to stop injections tonight and take them with me tomorrow,just keep taking the nasal spray.

Does this sound okay ??? X

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  • Hi ng13

    Yes that can happen. My left one is not responding but right one is fine. I'm in day 8 of stimms today. Going in monday for scan and wed egg collection.πŸ˜€

    Good luck to you. How you feeling?? I'm so tired xx

  • Hi Missy_22

    Oh you don't have long to go....ate you excited....we will be mirroring each other next week then,you'll need to let me know how you get on 😁

    Weird isn't it....the nurse actually said at first "do you have a left ovary"....I was like OMG YES.....I think....

    I'm okay really....I'm soooo tired too....I fell asleep in the sofa this afternoon stomach is huge,my stomach looks pregnant it's cruel in a way 😬

    I heard protein is meant to help the follicles lots of milk,eggs,chicken, cream,nuts haha....that's what I'm wearing next few days!! Xx

  • Yes I'm excited!! wow good diet I have had ice cream tonight! All I want to do is sleep. Keep me posted! This support network is so helpful xxx

  • Very good diet haha

    Me too...but then I struggle to get to sleenat night thinking about the whole treatment....

    I love this website as it's helps me loads and you can be really honest in here without people judging you.

    Ditto...keep me posted too ☺️ Xxx

  • Hiya, I hadn't had a problem before but this time round had 6-7 on right and 4 on the left, they didn't grow as fast either. On the first scan it took ages for the nurse to find the left....I'm not sure if it was cuz she was new to it (she was mirroring my usual nurse last cycle and attended a couple of my appointments) or that my ovary was in hiding! I however got 10 eggs collected so not too bad. My left follicles almost caught up with my right in the end. Good luck!

  • Hi skybid

    Thanks for replying !!

    10 eggs is great!! Hope I get that many too!!! Could some develop between now and my EC??


  • Ur follicles may grow a bit more, mine were growing slowly compared to last time so I think I was injecting for like 17 days (costly too)! How many more have u got before EC?

  • Well I've been asked to go in for ultrasound tmrow morning,nurse said don't take injection but bring them to the app with me....

    So I'm guessing they will make a decision once they see the ultrasound....

    Maybe they will want me to stay on injections for a few more days or not???

    I am on day 10 of injections ....x

  • Yeah I think it all depends the size of the follicles. They may need you to inject for a couple more days depending on how well they are doing. X

  • Yeah thought so thanks for your advice ☺️ X

  • YW - good luck!x

  • You too I see that you're on your 2WW....

    I love the 2WW ....not haha X

  • I know...another week to go! Think I'm in the "it hasn't worked stage"....keep thinking I'm gonna get my period but u can never tell as these pessaries can give u symptoms too - been getting a lot of cramps! Wish I could teleport myself into next fri!x

  • Oh it's horrendous isn't it!!!

    You wish you could just go for a looonngggg sleep and wake up on test day!!

    I thought that too last time about my period.

    Do you think you'll test early? X

  • I found it agonising the first round, not too bad the second but this one is the most agonising ( I guess maybe cuz this is our last cycle). My test day is next Thursday but I have an exam that day and don't wanna do it that day as I won't be able to concentrate. If my period hasn't shown by Wednesday, I think I'm gonna test then. Xx

  • I defo wouldn't be able to concentrate AHHHHHHH

    I too would end up testing on know you'll end up doing it.

    Better get some sleep,maybe speak to you next week....

    Thinking of you next week πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

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