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Advice on donor egg and surrogacy

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Hello my friends. It's been a while, I hope you're all doing well and getting through.

We are weighing up our options after 3 IVF cycles (NHS) sadly ending in miscarriage every time. We are considering donor egg or possibly even surrogacy.

Can anyone share your experiences of either of these - clinics, costs, UK or abroad, pitfalls/unexpected issues?? Could you PM your clinic details to me also please as I know we can't name directly on here.

Thanks so much as always. Let the research begin.... Xx

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Hi WeeMrsH! If you look through my previous posts this should give you some info on DE. I'm using a clinic in Manchester but finding it through access fertility on their 3 package DE deal. If you want any other info please message. There's a few ladies on here using the same package xx

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WeeMrsH in reply to baby2016

Thank you, I will do that! x

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I have inboxed you but also look on the donor conception website full of great info x

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WeeMrsH in reply to Hidden

Thank you Button x

I can share my experiences of donor eggs abroad, I went to Spain. I'm booked in for my 3rd DE FET on 6th October. My first resulted in a BFN and my second a Chemical, let's hope it's 3rd time lucky! 🍀 🙌

Our clinic is amazing, can't fault them really and with donor eggs in Spain they are anonymous and no wait lists. My only negative is that if it doesn't work first time the flying back and forth is a real bummer!!

You should go to as a first for your research, they compare all the clinics for donor eggs, it really helped me make my decision.

There is a fertility show taking place in London which specialises in surrogacy, adoption and donor eggs. It's free to get in, if you're in London it's worth going.

If there is anything specific you would like to know I'm happy to share so drop me a PM.

It's a big decision, so good for you guys on getting here, it's a different journey but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.


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WeeMrsH in reply to Hannah143

Thanks for the info! Wishing you lots of luck 🙌🏼 x

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AmbK in reply to Hannah143

That's a great piece of information put together. Though it's still a long way for me to consider the DE options or fertility clinics abroad. Just lined up for my IUI and I really hope this works for me. But who knows, just in case it doesn't, information will come handy to move onto the next set of tries.

Sorry to hear about the failed cycles. :( The travelling part in reproductive tourism is always a bummer. But nothing really matters more than having a baby to unfortunate women like ourselves.

Wish you all the luck in the world for your round 3. Sending loads of love and baby dust! :D

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WeeMrsH in reply to Hannah143

Hi Hannah143, I see your FET is approaching this week, how exciting! How are you feeling? Are you in Spain now?

What is the name of the clinic and how much has it costed? Do they only do FET or do they do fresh too? xx

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Hannah143 in reply to WeeMrsH

Hello lovely, yes tomorrow!! Just gotta get through work today then I can focus on that! I fly out tomorrow morning into Barcelona and then straight to the clinic. I know it all so well now it's very easy.

I'll message you my clinic and some

Costs. I think they are great! They do everything fresh and frozen. I had 5 Frosties from my donor and have been using those throughout the year. This will be my third time lucky with donor eggs! 🍀 xxx

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Messaged you x

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WeeMrsH in reply to Hidden

Thanks Tamtam xx

Hey, I donated eggs during my first cycle at clinic in Newcastle. I think the costs are in the region of £6k so quite steep. I got a total of 13 eggs so my recipient received 6. X

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WeeMrsH in reply to MrsTM13

Thanks for that! x

Check ur msg

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WeeMrsH in reply to Rubinaa

Thank you, will take a look x

I've left you a message Hun re the clinic I used in London. Xx

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WeeMrsH in reply to Mooster1

Thank you Mooster1 appreciate it ❤️ hope your girls are doing well 💕

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Mooster1 in reply to WeeMrsH

They are good thank you 😘😘

Just want to say ladies thanks for your very detailed replies and PMs. I haven't responded to you all directly yet as haven't had time to get my teeth into the advice you have given. Just didn't want you think me rude after you've taken the time to respond with great detail. Thank you so much xx

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Sent a wee PM!xx

Hello my friend. My treatment is IVF but I have several friends (I met them at my fertility clinic, it's a good place to socialize) that are using donors.

The first 2 cycles did not work for one of my friends, unfortunately ended up in a miscarriage. I use the same donor the previous 2 times. Now with a third attempt but with a new donor. So far everything has gone well and no problem has arisen.

It is all a matter of continuing to try and look for different alternatives. Do not get discouraged. You will see that you can have that baby you want. I wish you the best.

What did your doctor tell you about it?

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WeeMrsH in reply to leonorSh122

Thanks Leonor, all the very best to you for your cycle! x

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leonorSh122 in reply to WeeMrsH

Thank you dear. I hope to hear from you soon. : D and all goes well with with. Always thinks in positive. Hava a nice day

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